The capital of the long-forgotten Kingdom of Aragon. This sensational Spanish city is soaked in an amazing and immersive history. Zaragoza is the perfect stopping point as it sits strategically between Barcelona and Madrid. This city, pronounced in English as Saragossa, is the fifth largest city in Spain.

What to See and Do

Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Nuestra Señora del Pilar - Zaragoza - BeBi Travel

The tradition of the Virgin of the Pilar, as it has arisen from some documents of century XIII that are conserved in the cathedral of Saragossa, goes back to the immediately subsequent time to the Ascension of Jesus Christ, when the apostles preached the Gospel. It is said that Santiago el Mayor had landed in the Peninsula by the port of Cartagena, where he founded the first Spanish diocese, preaching since then for various territories of the country.

Central Square

Centre - BeBi Travel

The main square in Zaragoza is merely a stone’s throw away from del Pilar. With many activities happening here and the hustle and bustle of life there, really gives you the Spanish life feel. Apparently in the second week of October, a festival is held and dedicated to Our Lady of the Pilar. You can enjoy some Spanish flavours, nightlife and music in this huge coming together of locals.

The Old City

The Old City - Zaragoza - BeBi Travel

Zaragoza has a very strong history, one that stretches much further than you may have known. As the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon, you can explore the wealth the city truly holds. With the reign of the kingdom lasting almost 6 centuries, it is amazing to be able to explore this forgotten kingdom.

Typical Costs


Visit the capital of the long-forgotten kingdom of Aragon from as little as £16 one way, or £30 return. Flying to this city will give you an amazing birds eye view of the sheer power it must have had on the continent. With buildings so grand and visible from the sky, you get a cheeky sneak preview into what the city has to offer before you land on the ground.


Relax with free Wi-Fi in a dormitory starting from as little as £14.19. The perfect type of accommodation for backpackers and nomads. With the reputation of the old city and the kingdom of Aragon, you can stay in beautiful aesthetics and be take through history in refurbished medieval buildings dating back to the 12th century.


With many hotels available starting from around £35 per night, you can rest easy and be in the centre of the city. Many hotels maintain their antique medieval look and make you feel like you are right back in time.


The go to for accommodation, you can head over to Zaragoza, you and 5 friends and get an entire flat that overlooks the amazing structure of the Basilica and this will only cost each of you £26 per night. Absolutely amazing value for money and one that we highly recommend. Even if the decision is simply to have more privacy and more room, you can acquire a 3-bedroom apartment from as little as £62 per night, much better value than a room for the same price.


Tapas - Zaragoza - BeBi Travel

This city is truly populated with some amazing places to get top notch food, in fact, you can enjoy Michelin star restaurant food starting from as little as €15. There are various spots that are within walking distance from these restaurants so when you are feeling peckish, you know that the solution isn’t too far away.


Zaragoza council have been focused on a Sustainable Mobility Plan, which has made transport by tram one of its keystones. Not only can you get around town with the means of trams, but there are various things that have also been implemented to make the town green and easier to navigate, with local and intercity buses as well as local trains.

Find out all you need for transport in Zaragoza here.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Explore the beauty that has been placed all around Zaragoza, take in the beautifully landscaped gardens. Take some time off to soak in the scenic and secluded green areas in the heart of this medieval city.

Pignatelli Park

Stroll through Pignatelli Park, Zaragoza’s most prominent park, and most conveniently located park. Very popular amongst everyone who sets their eyes upon it, mingle with tourists and locals alike. Pack a lunch, some nibbles and enjoy this picnic hotspot.

Travel Pass

You can get many types of travel passes for when in Zaragoza, and they help you save a lot on travel. With fares starting at €1.35 for a single trip, or €0.74 with a citizen/bus/Lazo/Inter Bus card, you can see everything in Zaragoza without needing to worry too much about how you will get around.

Many travel passes can be purchased in Zaragoza, and with season tickets for longer stays, you can really get value for money, live like a local and enjoy the historic beauty the city has to offer.

Click here to get the latest updates on travel in Zaragoza.

Get Cooking

With so much land, and having had such stature in the past, Zaragoza has many farmers markets for you to delve into the local food supply. This means you can get fine local groceries, at the highest quality and with the best value for money. Cooking is always a great way to immerse oneself in the traditional cuisine and you can also learn a lot about yourself too.

Train Booking

One of the benefits of visiting Zaragoza is its ideal location between two other major cities, Barcelona and Madrid. If you are already in Madrid, you can get yourself a train from there to Zaragoza starting from £19.10. A lovely day’s detour if you’d like to see more of Spain before you head home.

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