A capital centered around the old market square. The landscape is covered with architecture: an old Gothic Cathedral, communist concrete, modern glass, and steel. Warsaw has been put through the toughest conditions, even near complete destruction at the end of World War II, however, they survived this. Now it is home to some of the most touching historic memorabilia to remember great times, as well as great tragedy.

What to See and Do

Take a walk through Old Town

Old Town Warsaw - BeBi Travel

Take a walk through this beautiful town filled with old charm. The Old Town is one of Warsaw’s most popular areas for tourists. Entirely rebuilt after the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the Old Town is also symbolic of Warsaw’s rise from the ruins of WWII and of Varsovians’ pride in their city. The beautiful architecture tells the story itself. Have a picnic, enjoy the views, and soak in some of Warsaw’s history.

Take a private tour around Warsaw

Old Town Warsaw - BeBi Travel

Capture Warsaw’s top sights on a private tour. Spend the day with your significant other, or your family and see all that Warsaw has to offer without all the walking around! Some private tours offer door-to-door services, with food and drinks throughout your tour.

Visit Castle Square

Castle Square Warsaw - BeBi Travel

Warsaw’s Castle Square is a historic square in front of the Royal Castle, which was the former official residence of Polish monarchs. Located in Old Town, this picturesque open plaza was built in 1821 and features the King Zygmunt III column in its center. The plaza serves as the starting place for the Royal Road. Take a walk around, soak in the views and learn about history. Castle Square is a great place to spend the day, a convenient meeting place and a great central spot to grab some lunch.

Typical Costs


Flights to Warsaw are shockingly cheap, you can fly there from as little as £24. Using Skyscanner is a great option when booking holidays as they give you estimated prices for every day of each month, so you know what you’re looking at before you’ve even decided a date! You can also get flights as cheap as £12.99 from Ryanair.


You can get yourself to this beautiful city currently for less than a large pizza!! It is amazing the type of deals you can find online when you know where to look. If you would like to learn more about how to find flights, read How to Find Cheap Flights.


You can stay at a hostel in Warsaw for as little as £4.97 per night, prices vary depending on the time of month you’re looking to visit, and what kind of room you’d prefer. In most hostels, they offer you the chance to stay in either dorms or private rooms. Private rooms are more expensive, starting from £17.95. This is a great option when trying to save money.


Hotels are available in Warsaw with their lowest price starting around £24. You can stay at Hotel Victor Pruszkow by De Silva for around £49 a night. This hotel is located just 9 miles from the city centre. It has accessible swimming pools, a bar/lounge, restaurant and beautiful views from your bedroom. The hotel is located just by Park Potulickich, which has a beautiful footbridge standing over a peaceful lake.


Poland has a vast choice of food, so much so, you may feel paralyzed to make a decision. With food from all over the globe at Polish prices, you couldn’t eat more elsewhere. With the value of the food being much less than in the UK you can get yourself a full course of food for the same price as a meal deal from Tesco. Charlotte Chleb i Wino, a dazzling French bakery and bistro, low-cost French pastries to enjoy on your tours of the museums.


Warsaw has an extensive bus and tram system, spreading from the north to south. A second line that was introduced in March 2015 running east to west. With over 1500 buses operating in this city, you can be sure to find your way around and see as much as you can during your stay.

Budget Tips

Live Music

Poland hosts many musical events with many famous artists. Music from the musical virtuosos tends to be the most affluent in Poland; Chopin, Bach, Mozart. Depending on the event, you have the opportunity to bear witness to some of the greatest music in history. Stodola, originally the canteen for builders of the Palace of Culture & Science, is one of the biggest and longest-running live music venues in Warsaw.

Travel Pass

Warsaw transport services allow you to purchase passes for multiple days, and group tickets. You can purchase 1-day, 3-day, weekend and group tickets, with a max spend of £11 on the 3-day ticket.

There is also a Warsaw Pass, this entitles you to free admission in over 15 top attractions in Warsaw. You can also buy this in conjunction with your travel pass, a total spend of £46 for 72 hours’ worth of free travel, museums tours and priority entrance to these attractions and locations.

Purchase your Warsaw Pass from here.

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