The stunning and most populous island of the seven Canary Islands, also that of Spain. Tenerife is home to thousands of experiences. Enjoy the beaches around the Island. Go rock climbing and get to the top of Teide, shopping, theme parks, golfing, the choices are endless! Visit the amazing Island for much less than the usual!

What to See and Do

Whale Watching

Whale - Tenerife - BeBi Travel

Tenerife is situated on the coast of Spain. Boasting a range of marine life, you can find whales also passing by the coastline. With over 12 species of whales visiting the coastal city, you’d be sure to see a range of wildlife and whales in their natural habitat. Take a trip to the coast and enjoy the worlds free aquarium!

Climb the Teide

Mount Teide - Tenerife - BeBi Travel

This volcano, Mount Teide, is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. It is the third highest volcanic structure and most voluminous in the world. Climb this volcano and feel like you are on top of the world!

Siam Park

Siam Park - Tenerife - BeBi Travel

The best water park in the world according to Trip Advisor. With its incredible sceneries inspired in Thai architecture and its lush vegetation it presents everything you can image: from slow rivers to free fall slides, a scenery for an epic adventure. Spend a day at this Thai themed water park on the Spanish island!

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Typical Costs


If you are ready to head over to this fantastic Spanish Island, then you will be happy to know that you can find flights starting from as little as £22 one way, £45 return! Getting over to this popular island is now less than what many people would assume. If you’re looking for a break for a few days, Tenerife is only a few hours away by plane!


This famous Spanish destination also provides many locations for visitors to accommodate themselves and feel at one with the locals. You can find a hostel room in the heart of the city starting from as little as £14 per night. A great choice if you don’t intend on spending too much time indoors and rather spend it exploring.


A more private space is also available at the many hotels this city has. Enjoy the Spanish sun, beaches and food, then return to one of the hotels, most with en-suite bathrooms and comfortable double beds. With rooms starting from around £40 per night, you can find yourself a lovely 4* accommodation to rest your head. With some providing breakfast as well from around £60 per night you can truly relax and not have to worry about anything other than exploration.


Tenerife, locates right on the coast has so many beautiful properties ready for your arrival. With accommodation ranging from a similar price to that of a hotel, you can settle in pure privacy and comfort. Experience the island from a new perspective, the perspective of a local. Find accommodation on Airbnb starting from around £40 per night and enjoy an entire property. If you don’t mind cooking then this can be a great alternative to your conventional accommodation or download the Deliveroo app and have some food delivered to your Spanish home!


Known for its freshness, its simplicity and its originality, you can attribute Tenerife’s gastronomy to a three essential factors: the weather, the sea and the island’s history. Tenerife’s balmy climate allows for the year-round cultivation of vegetables (olives, tomatoes, chards, watercress, zucchini, green beans) and tropical fruits (oranges, bananas, mangos, papaya, avocado, guava), most of which stay right on the island and go into typical food dishes.

If you’re a seafood lover, the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Tenerife yields an endless supply of the freshest seafood- parrot fish, tuna, sardine, mackerel, eel, sea bream, Canarian lobster, crab, octopus… the list is endless! Finally, the diverse mishmash of cultures – indigenous Guanche, African, European, Latin American – of Tenerife’s fascinating history has yielded the creative, innovative cuisine for which Tenerife is famous.


Tenerife transport is headed by the local transport company Titsa. They provide transport all throughout the island making it easy to get around and less costly. You can get yourself a travel card for the island starting from €2 and they can be topped up, as well they can cover transport for multiple people. A convenient alternative to having to pay tourist prices for cabs around the island.

Visit their website now and get all the necessary information, such as tourist routes, getting around and bus & tram fares.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Garachico Park

Garachico - Tenerife - BeBi Travel

Garachico, the loveliest town in Tenerife. Explore Garachico’s natural heritage, time your visit for low tide and you can swim in the town’s stunning natural rock pools. Or, do nothing much at all, except stroll around, admire the prettiness and work up an appetite for lunch at a charming waterfront restaurant – Garachico’s fresh seafood is the stuff of legend.

Travel Pass

Bono Bus Pass

You can acquire a Bono Bus pass that’ll enable you cheap travel across Tenerife’s buses and trams, however they are not valid when heading up to Teide. You can see the beautiful coastal city and enjoy the air conditioned buses to take some of the heat off.

Get Cooking

Tenerife is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, providing a limitless stream of fresh seafood, have a meal at one of the seafront restaurants then on the following night, try making yourself a tasty seafood medley, throw in some pasta or spaghetti and see how well they go together. Cooking your own meal whilst abroad may bring out your own Spanish flavour!

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