Szczytno is a town in north-eastern Poland with 27,970 inhabitants. Szczytno is situated in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, but was previously in Olsztyn Voivodship. Polish is the main language here. A small German-speaking minority is still present from when the area included part of the historic province of East Prussia before the Second World War. Warmia-Masuria also has a number of ethnic Ukrainians due to forced relocations carried out by the Soviet and Polish Communist authorities after the war.

What to See and Do

Muzeum Mazurskie w Szczytno

The museum in Szczytno was founded in 1925. as Kreisheimatmuseum in Ortelsburg. The museum’s task was to collect, secure and store all the monuments of art, material culture, history and nature from the area of ​​the poviat of Szczytno. Initially, the collection was collected in the premises of the castle , where the museum was to be located. 

This museum is soaked in a vast history that begins with its erection. With various stages to the the progress and time.


Jezioro Domowe Małe

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The Domowe Małe Lake is a small reservoir, which is entirely within the limits of Szczytno. The surface of the lake is from 11 to 11.4 hectares, its average depth is 2.2 meters. In the west it is connected with Długie Lake, and through the Domestic Canal it connects with the rivers Sawica, Omulwia and Narwia.

a total ban on fishing was introducedThe reservoir is very well accessible from all sides and its banks gently descend into the water. They are overgrown by a reed and a broadleaf club. There is a walking track around the lake. The waters are not suitable for recreation and bathing. The reservoir is often visited by anglers, and the most common species of fish are roach and bream. Due to the breeding of birds in reeds, . There are swans, ducks, grebes, favors and terns on the Little Home lake.


The Ruins of the Szczytno Castle

Between 1350 and 1360 Ortolf von Trier, a knight of the Teutonic Order and the Komtur of Elbląg, founded a fort in Galindia, probably near an Old Prussian settlement. The fort was first mentioned in a document from 24 September 1360, after Ortolf invited Masoviancolonists. The settlement became known as Szczytno. The first custodian of the settlement was Heinrich Murer. In 1370 the wooden fort was destroyed by Lithuanians led by Kęstutis. The name Ortulfsburg gradually changed into Ortelsburg. The settlement grew in size owing to its location on a trade route from Warsaw to Königsberg (now Kaliningrad).

The castle was occupied by Polish troops during the Thirteen Years’ War. With its inclusion in the Duchy of Prussia in 1525, as a result, it lost its importance as a border fortress and began to decline. Margrave and regent George Frederick (1577–1603), who enjoyed hunting nearby, began the redevelopment of the area. Among his projects was the rebuilding of the castle into a hunting lodge.


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The average cost of food in Poland being around 2-35zł. Food is something that you can purchase with ease and without an expensive price tag. Meals coming to around 30zł, you can order large meals for a similar price to a foot long from subway in the UK.


You can travel from several cities near Szczytno. They are all connected to the national and international bus networks. If you want your search to include the surrounding bus stations such as those is OlsztynOstrołęka or Ostroda, simply increase the search radius, and you will find bus and train routes in the area. You will also find bus routes connecting Szczytno to regional public transportation or intercity bus stations in Kętrzyn, Bartoszyce, Mragowo and many more.
Find out some more information on transport in Szczytno.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Jezioro Domowe Duze a beautiful lake in Szczytno it has a scenic foot path around the entire lake. Beside it there are restaurants, hotels, bars, children’s play areas. You are just a stone’s throw away from shops, banks, and all the other facilities in the small town.

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