Szczecin, Stettin, and many alternate names all refer to this one almighty location. The largest city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. With a German border and being so close the Baltic sea, Szczecin is a major seaport and Poland’s seventh-largest city.

What to See and Do

Ducal Castle

Ducal Castle - Szczecin - BeBi Travel

The Ducal Castle in Szczecin, Poland, was the seat of the dukes of Pomerania-Stettin of the House of Pomerania. They ruled the Duchy of Pomerania from 1121 to 1637.

Wały Chrobego

Wały Chrobego - Szczecin - BeBi Travel

This famous building is home to three popular tourist attractions and brings together the history of Szczecin. Waly Chrobrego – an observation deck with a length of approx. 500m on the embankment along the Oder. Designed and erected according to the concept of Wilhelm Meyer-Schwartau in the years 1902-1921 on the initiative of Mayor Hermann Haken, in honor of which was the terrace originally named.

Emerald Lake (Jeizoro Szmaragdowe)

Jeizoro Szmaragdowe - Szczecin - BeBi Travel

The beautiful green lake is in an artificial cave and forest area known as Puszcza Bukowa. From here you can observe the city with distant views. The perfect location for hiking and bike riding.

Typical Costs


I find flights to Poland on a regular basis and they always are in the best region of price. Many travel agencies like to publicise the more expensive options when in actual fact they do what we do and search from resources we also use.

To get yourself to this history-soaked port city, it will only cost you around £14 one way to get there. Sounds like a better night out abroad than in London, right?


Hostels in this location are hard to come by, however you can find a place of comfort, a place to rest your head for less than £10 per night. When looking for hostels in Szczecin, there are a variety of operators who can provide accommodation.


Accommodation is not in short supply in Szczecin with rooms starting from £16 and going up to the comfort you desire, you can be sure to find a place to rest, recoup, and reflect.


Food - BeBi Travel

With a selection of foods available within walking distance from the town centre, you can enjoy traditional polish cuisine in many local restaurants. With Mediterranean and Modern European cuisine, you can work through a flavoursome food trail.


ZDiTM - Szczecin - BeBi Travel

Bus transport in Szczecin – part of public transport, which connects city districts and city Szczecin with Police, Dobra, Kołbaskowo, Police, Kobylanka and Goleniów. Szczecin buses are operated by four companies on behalf of the ZDiTM. The bus system has been in operation since 1928. Nowadays, in Szczecin and the surrounding area 73 bus lines are running, including 50 normal lines, 7 fast lines and 16 night lines.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Park Kasprowicza

Park Kasprowicza - BeBi Travel

A beautiful fountain at one end in front of the city government building, a little further into the park a huge statue of Pope John Paul, farther along, a huge monument to the three Polish Eagles.

Travel Pass

Travel in Poland is very well interlinked. With trains travelling from city to city on a daily basis and starting from around £13 return. You can find out a lot of information here. You can also book your tickets for intercity travel on the website there.

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