As the name would suggest this is the city that is home to the headquarters of banco Santander. This port city is the capital of the historical region Cantabria, on the north coast of Spain. Santander is home to an amazing coastline, with various urban beaches, and has a heavy bar scene with many cultural attractions to fill your time with. The northern region of Spain tend to be less visited by tourists so you will have extra room and be travelling on the road less travelled.

What to See and Do

Centro Botin

Centro Botín - Santander - BeBi Travel

This futuristic looking museum is one of Spain’s leading art centre and part of the European circuit of first-rate arts. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winner architect Renzo Piano, in co-authorship with Luis Vidal. It is located in a privileged part of Santander and uses a broader urban intervention to integrate the city centre and the historic Pereda Gardens with the Bay. With a selection of exhibitions lasting around 3 months, you can be sure to see art in many forms, and with the Botin Pass, enjoy free entry to this amazing museum.

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Museo Maritimo del Cantabrico

Museo Maritimo del Cantabrico - Santander - BeBi Travel

The Cantabrian Maritime Museum, located between the promontory of San Martín and the beach of Los Peligros, is part of the seafront of the city of Santander, on the shore of the bay. It constitutes a watchtower of this natural and human environment, extension of its museological concept and mission: nature, man and technology.

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Palacio de Magdalena

Palacio de Magdalena - Santander - BeBi Travel

The Peninsula of La Magdalena covers an approximate area of 25 hectares. It is one of the topographical projections of the Bay of Santander, the largest estuary in Cantabria. Access to the Peninsula, if it is not by the sea or by the beaches overlooking the Bay, is usually gained via Reina Victoria Avenue and Juan de Borbón Street, which give direct access to entrance of the public park, located to the West of the Peninsula, at its narrowest part. Admission to the enclosure is free from 8am to 10pm, and cars are not allowed unless they have express authorization. Several footpaths go through the place, which is very accessible, although we must be careful with cliff areas. From the Peninsula we can gain access to the beaches of La Magdalena and Bikini.

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Typical Costs


Santander is home to the well-known bank, Santander, and with a vast choice of things to see and do, you will be excited to know that you can travel to this historic city with flights beginning from around £18 one way. If you’re a globe trotter, that is amazing. If you are looking for the one time getaway for a few days you can find return flights for around £35, take to the skies and another country for cheaper than you may have first thought.

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A place to rest your head, process your days experience and unwind with your feet up, hostels provide a unique accommodation experience, putting you in a place of like minded people and in a social environment. Chat about your trip and even find places that you might not have even thought of visiting. Is port city in Spain has many local places to choose from, ranging in price from around £12-35 per night. The perfect accommodation for someone who isn’t planning on staying still for too long and wanting to embrace the culture the city has to offer.


Santander is home to many places to reside in, from 2* to 5* accommodation, you can find the perfect place of rest for you and your travel partners. With rooms starting from around £45 per night, and many hotels offering discounts when purchased with them, you can save on this necessity, and have some extra £££ to spend on memories, souvenirs and tours!


Accommodation is one of our biggest expenses when we travel, and Airbnb have become the bridge between hotel and hostel. With villas, entire flats and apartments available at the same price as a night’s stay in a hotel, you can explore your holiday destination in a new way and relax in a different style of comfort. With apartments and flats starting from around £40 per night, you can see Santander from the point of view of a local!


Many restaurants line the streets of Santander, each enticing you with variations of the traditional foods and meals of Spain. Most restaurants have a great range of food to choose from; meats, fish, vegetarian and fast food. Indulge your senses and taste buds with a local meal from a local restaurant.


Municipal buses run throughout the city every 15 minutes. Buses number 1, 4, 7, 9, 13 and 14 run from the city hall (Ayuntamiento) to El Sardinero beaches stopping at Plaza de Italia and Piquío Gardens (Jardines de Piquío). Bus number 15 runs from the RENFE train station to El Sardinero beach.

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Budget Tips

Free Parks

Enjoy the great outdoors in Santander! With some of the most beautiful natural parks and nature reserves in the world, Get inspired by the beaches, mountains and the most beautiful natural spots in Santander.

Parque de la Magdalena

Head to the Parque de la Magdalena if you are looking to spend a fun day outdoors, filled with fun and excitement. Hop on to the train and go on a tour around the park. You can also have a set of earphones, which give you instructions and information about the park. There is a little playground your kids are going to love and even a small zoo. The zoo boasts of animals like penguins and sea lions. It also has a stunning view of the beach and the sea. All in all, a great place to spend outdoors with your friends and family. If you are in Santander, be sure to visit this place.

Travel Pass

Travelling around Santander can be easy with its well-integrated transport facilities. Not only is the service great and timely, you can also acquire a travel pass that suits your needs. With a range of travel passes from an ordinary single ticket to a large family card, even a card for seniors too!

To find your travel pass, click this link.

Get Cooking

Santander has many farmers markets for you to purchase fresh, locally sourced produce. If you are in the mood to try out the cooking style of the Spanish culture, you should be sure to visit one of the mercados in Santander!

Bus Booking

If you are having an exploration of the country, you’d be happy to know that you can enjoy a bus journey from city to city. From Zaragoza to Santander starts from around £27 each way. A hearty 5 hours on the road, filled with amazing scenery and a new perspective of seeing the country. Use the search below to book your tickets to Santander.

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