The capital of Baix camp in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia. One of the leading producers of wines and spirits. Rising to continental importance after the phylloxera epidemic where vineyards were infested and destroyed over two-thirds of the continent’s grapevines. Reus is known for being a centre for rock-climbing and has a lot of recognition due to it being the birthplace of the famous Antoni Gaudí.

What to See and Do

Salvador Vilaseca Archaeological Museum

Salvador Vilaseca - Reus - BeBi Travel

Journey through the history of the beautiful city. You can enjoy ceramics from the 16th and 17th centuries, delve into Baroque period religious statues and gothic panels, a present theme throughout Spain. You will not fall short of any history with memoirs held from the Roman and prehistoric eras.

Port Aventura Salou

Port Aventura Salou - Reus - BeBi Travel

This renowned theme park won the award for being Europe’s best amusement park in 2012, so you can be sure to enjoy yourself and experience a theme park like no other. It is approximately 10km’s away from Reus, nonetheless, you can enjoy the views this stunning city and journey has to offer whilst preparing yourself for the fun ahead.

José Tapiró y Baró’s

José Tapiró y Baró’s - Reus - BeBi Travel

The famous artist and painter were born in Reus and you can visit his home where his creativity and imagination took a hold of him. This is a perfect place to visit, especially if art is something that interests you. This famous artist studied in Reus, Barcelona and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. This man was a master when it comes to the art known as Realism, with various portraits and profiles of people.

Typical Costs


Visit the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí starting from as little as £32 return for 5 days or 2 weeks. If you are feeling to explore the entire country of Spain, then you can begin your journey here with a one-way flight starting from around £16.


Reus has a great selection of hostels for you if you are only looking for place to rest your head as you’ll be out exploring all the greatness the city has to offer. There are offers for shared, single rooms with views and the option for bed and breakfast too. With rooms starting around €30 including a morning meal, you can rest easy knowing you have two things dealt with.


If the hostel life isn’t something that you are too interested in, then you can get yourself a hotel room in a 3* hotel starting from as little as £52. These rooms will be starting from Double or Twin Rooms so you will have all the necessary space to spread out after a long day of exploration and conquering.

Using you can also acquire an apartment starting from around £60, giving you the extra room, comfort and luxury to enjoy your stay and reflect over your experiences and even create your travel journal. I recommend apartments for those who travel and blog, you can have the peace of mind to focus.


My favourite place to find accommodation for my travels. You can get entire flats, apartments even villas all for a similar cost to what you will find on Airbnb is always the best way to go if heading away in a group, then you can split the bill of a villa and end up reducing this usually expensive expense and bring the overall holiday right down in price. Travel Smarter!

Entire flats and apartments on Airbnb begin from around £52 per night, if there is more than one guest headed on this journey then that will be cut in more than half. Flights and accommodation with the suggestions presented would bring your holiday for 2 to Reus to a lovely low price of around £54! Massive savings without trading out your comfort.


With a variety of restaurants available in Reus you can enjoy a great choice of foods, and many traditional Spanish dishes. Try the unique foods that Reus has to offer such as a visiting Patateria Laurie – this retro store sells homemade crisps, you can never go wrong with this kind of snack, especially when it is homemade. Give their website a visit to see what they are about.


Transport - Reus - BeBi Travel

If you are looking to get around town, the best way to do this is to live like a local and not a tourist. Reus is well integrated with public transport; buses can get you from A to B without need to dish out constantly on extortionate taxis. With recent presentation of the new fleet in March, Reus is even more equipped to help you with your travels. Enjoy the perk of public transport with free Wi-Fi on every bus in the network.

If you’d like a handy tool to take with you to keep up to date with bus times and purchasing tickets, you can download their smartphone app.

Get all your information on public transport in Reus here.

Click the store that supports your phone:

Google Play

App Store

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Parc de Salou

Parc de Salou - BeBi Travel

The Parc de Salou is an ideal place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle that surrounds the streets around you during the summer. Inside we can find a green area, a small waterfall that sits on top of a small peak inside the park and ponds with fish.

Travel Pass

Travelling around Reus can be very cheap with their various travel pass offerings. You can get a travel pass that enables unlimited travel for 30 consecutive days, with free transfers between different lines for an hour and 15 minutes. To see all of the options you have for travel passes visit this link.

Get Cooking

If you have an accommodation with cooking facilities, we recommend using it, however in Reus there is a lot of reasonably priced restaurants with food that will be sure to fulfil your hunger. Tarragona is a popular location with daily markets for you to go and grab some locally sourced foods and ingredients, perfect for that Spanish feeling and few days meals.

To find out more about the markets in Tarragona click here.

Train Booking

Are you trying to see as much of Spain as you can before you head home? If you are then you can get around using train from city to city, with trains costing from around €12 Barcelona – Reus.

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