Poznan, the history-soaked town in the western part of Poland is on the Warta River. With its gaining popularity due to its universities and historic stories. The history is present in the Old Market Square, with Renaissance-style buildings. Regarded as the first capital of Poland, the town hall housing the historical museum, you will find antique and modern blending together.

What to See and Do

Lesser Basilica of Saint Stanislaus

Lesser Basilica of Saint Stanislaus - Poznan - BeBi Travel

One of Poznań’s most impressive historic monuments, the Lesser Basilica of St. Stanislaus, which it became in October 2010, was created as a Jesuit temple in the 17th century. It boasts an interior by a veritable who’s who of Roman Baroque artists, with some fine period ornamentation.

Stadion Miejski

Stadion Miejski - Poznan - BeBi Travel

The Municipal Stadium in Poznań, sometimes called Bułgarska Street Stadium after the road it is situated on, or INEA Stadion for sponsorship reasons, is an association football stadium in Poznań, Poland.

Stadion Miejski or The Municipal Stadium, is a purpose built football stadium located in the large western city of Wrocław. Constructed in 2011 in anticipation of the Polish and Ukraine co-hosted Euro 2012, the ground has a current capacity of 42,771 and is now home to Ekstraklasa team Śląsk Wrocław.

Warta River

Warta River - Poznan - BeBi Travel

The Warta is a river in western-central Poland and a tributary of the Oder.With a length of approximately 795 kilometres (494 mi), it is the country’s second-longest river located within its borders and third-longest in terms of total length.

Typical Costs


Visiting this student town really costs as little as large pizzas from local pizzerias. If you’re in need of an escape, where you can explore, learn and immerse in culture, without having to dish out a lot of money. With flights starting from £20 return, this city is a lot more affordable than most people may think.


Hostels in Poland are amazing, of course some may not feel up to your expectations, nonetheless with a safe place to rest your head for the night, starting from as little as £4 per night. Already, you can get yourself to this city from £25. That’s flights and accommodation!


Hotels in Poznan Cary greatly depending on preferences, whether you wish to be close to the city centre, or if you’d rather take the scenic route into town. Hotel rooms start from £11 a night on Booking.com. Great steal for your 2-day getaway.


Croissant - Poznan - BeBi Travel

The famous Poznan croissants are the most traditional pastry in the region. Only a set number of bakeries having the license can bake it. Food in Poland is always so cheap wen converting from GBP. You can enjoy a lovely three course meal, with your loved one for an average of 100zł – that works out to be around £25.


Getting around Poznan is very efficient with their public transport services. With a variety of networks, both at airports and throughout towns. Public transport in the city of Poznan is organized by Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (ZTM) – Urban Transport Authority. Trams are the core of the system – most of lines go with a frequency of 10 minutes.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Park Cytadela - BeBi Travel

One location in Poznan that is quite exciting to visit is Park Cytadela. This park is on the site of a 19th-Century fortified area, Fort Winary. It contains a military museum, military cemeteries, and the remains of some of the fortifications. It lies within the Stare Miasto district of the city, south of Winogrady.

Travel Pass

PEKA (Poznań Electronic Agglomeration Card) is a modern, multifunctional, contactless city card used mainly as the only carrier of season-tickets and the carrier of the so-called tPurse (transportPurse) from which a passenger can pay for the number of stops regardless of the time of the journey.

Short-term tickets: This ticket enables many journeys within a specified number of hours or days from its validation, with an unlimited number of changes made during its validity period. Short-term tickets include the following types:

24-hour (1 day) ticket which costs 13.6 zl,
48-hour (2-days) ticket which costs 21 zl,
72-hour (3-days) ticket which costs 27 zl,
7-days ticket which costs 47 zl.

Visit here for some more information.

Get Cooking

Old Market Square - BeBi Travel

If you want to experience life like a local in Poland, you should visit the Old Market Square. It dates back to 1253, but has morphed through the ages. 60% of it was destroyed during WWII after which many of the buildings were restored to their original states, which had dramatically changed through the centuries. It comes as no surprise the Old Market Square is ranked as Poznan’s #1 tourist attraction on Trip Advisor UK at the time of writing, but what is surprising is that I would agree.

Train Booking

Poznań is a crucial railway junction and all trains going between Moscow and Western Europe stop here. Trains to Berlin or Warsaw take approximately three hours in either direction and cost around €20 for a single ticket. Trains to Kraków (approx. 8 a day) take around six hours and cost €15 for a single ticket, Wrocław (more than fifteen a day) will take around three hours and cost around €8.

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