Palma de Mallorca is well known for its vibrant nightlife and remains one of the best destinations for young holidaymakers. It’s known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains, and Roman and Moorish remains. Capital Palma has nightlife, the Moorish Almudaina royal palace, and 13th-century Santa María Cathedral.

What to See and Do

Es Trenc

Es Trenc - Palma de Mallorca - BeBi Travel

Relax and enjoy the extravagant Caribbean blue waters and white sand, it extends over 2 kilometers on the south of the island. A stone’s throw away from the beach resort town, Colonia San Jordi, the flat wetlands of Ses Salines. The town is known as producing the best salt in the Balearics.

Discover the Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana - Palma de Mallorca - BeBi Travel

This UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches from the southwest to the far north of the island – forming the backbone of Mallorca. This impressive mountain range is neighbors to two lakes – Cúber reservoirs and the Gorg Blau and the peaks of Puig Major (1,445m) Teix, Massenekka, and Tomir. A historic walk dominated by ancient dry-stone terracing and walls.


Galilea - Palma de Mallorca - BeBi Travel

Feel the experience of being 460 meters up in a mountain – visit Mallorca’s highest village Galilea. A small reserved place, with no more than a few houses, a 17th-Century church, and some restaurants. The village church’s courtyard gives you the most beautiful panoramic views across the hills to the sea, something to help get through the terrifying drive.


Calvia - Palma de Mallorca - BeBi Travel

This beautiful city dates back to 2000BCE, with modern tourism taking flood in the mid-1800s. if you are passing through, make it memorable by seeing the remains of a Roman villa and Saint Joan Baptista built around the remains of the original 13th-century church.

Typical Costs


You can get yourself to beautiful Palma de Mallorca for as little as £31. This is much cheaper than your holiday packages. You can do yourself a low-cost weekend stay in one of the most beautiful of the Spanish islands. Maybe even visit the surrounding islands such as Ibiza.


Hostel 1 - BeBi Travel

A place to rest your head after a heavy night out drinking is available at quite a few hostels in Mallorca, giving you a price range from £16 – 50 per night, you can make great savings by exchanging a hotel room if you’re looking to discover and conquer.


Palma de Mallorca has become such a popular destination for families, first-time solo travel, and couples. Hotel prices vary greatly depending on the time of year, but for the autumn time, it ranges between £96 – 300 per night.


Salsa - BeBi Travel

Local cuisine is always a great choice that I go for. You can get the food cheap and try new experiences with your taste buds. With a selection of different delicacies such as pastries, seafood, vegetarian and a great variety more.


Palma de Mallorca has its own bus service run by EMT – blue buses. You can purchase single tickets only (€1.50 or €3 for journeys on line 1 to the port). They offer a great discount on 10 trips, available for €10, this gets you 10 single trips to use throughout Palma de Mallorca.

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Make it short Spanish tour for yourself and head to Reus before you get to Palma de Mallorca. Catch a ferry from Reus on to the island of Palma de Mallorca.

Budget Tips

Travel Pass

You can get yourself an adult day pass for £35, and with this, you get admission into 31 attractions, museums, and tours available in Mallorca. Ride the quaint tourist train in El Arenal, visit the caves of Puerto Cristo and Genova. With much to explore, the Mallorca pass enables you to see it all.

You can also acquire the Palma Pass which enables you access and discounts on various things such as guided tours, travel around the city, shopping, restaurants, museums and many more.

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