Nuremberg, the Bavarian city has history that stretches as far back as the 11th century and is the second largest city of Bavaria. The old town holds all of the past and the new city is mainly remembered due to a number of different experiences. Gingerbread, the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, and the Nuremberg Trials – where members of the Nazi party were trialled for war crimes.

What to See and Do

Historische Felsengänge Nürnberg

Historische Felsengänge Nürnberg - Nuremberg - BeBi Travel

The history of Nuremberg is inextricably linked to the history of beer. After a visit to the underground rock corridors and the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof you can try the traditional Nuremberg red beer.

More than 40 breweries existed in Nuremberg in the late 14th century for not even 30,000 inhabitants. As a result of a Council of the City decree, anyone who wanted to brew and sell beer had to have their own beer cellar for storing and fermenting the beer. The origin of the historic rocky paths goes back to the Middle Ages.


Kaiserberg - Nuremberg - BeBi Travel

The Imperial Castle is the symbol of Nuremberg. Since the Middle Ages its silhouette has represented the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the outstanding role of the imperial city of Nuremberg.

After the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and the incorporation of Nuremberg into the kingdom of Bavaria, there was revived interest in the castle as an important German historical building. King Ludwig I had it restored from 1833 by the architect Carl Alexander von Heideloff so that he could live there as sovereign.

Schoner Brunnen

Schoner Brunnen - Nuremberg - BeBi Travel

The “Beautiful Fountain” was built at the end of the 14th century shortly after the market square and the Frauenkirche. The main attraction of the over one-hundred-year-old copy of the fountain on the Main Market Square is undoubtedly the revolving gold shimmering ring, which was mysteriously inserted into the lattice without seams and was intended to fulfil wishes.

Typical Costs


Travelling around Germany is quite an amazing trip and getting to this stunning city is cheaper than 4 shots from Piccadilly Institute. With flights leaving the UK so regularly, you can catch one of these flights to Nuremberg starting from as little as £12 one way or £25 for a one week return flight. Instead of getting that super cheesy, crust stuffed pizza and cookie dough, you can fly to Germany for the week and create some memories!


Nuremberg is home to a few hostels right in the centre of the city. Relax yourself in the comfort of fellow travellers, locals and guides. Make friends, memories and explore the town whilst being comfortable in town. You can find dorms and rooms starting from around £12 per night.


If hostels aren’t really your vibe, and you require the extra level of comfort and privacy, then a hotel is a perfect choice for you. With standard twin rooms starting from around £214 for 6 nights, you can enjoy the luxury that any 3* hotel has to offer you.


The perfect bridge between hostel and hotel. You can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a 4* hotel all with the intimacy of a hostel. Finding properties on Airbnb is quite a fun process. It’s much more enjoyable when you know you’re getting an entire apartment for the same price as a hotel room. You can enjoy apartments starting from around £240 for 6 nights. Get an even better deal when you are travelling with your friends.


Nuremberg is home to one of the most exported German foods – sausage. You are not restricted only to sausage either, there is an onslaught of choice for food in this Bavarian city. Many restaurants in themselves have a long reaching history, with traditional and influenced meals.

Albrecht Dürer Stube

Albrecht Dürer Stube - BeBi Travel

Located near the castle, Albrecht Dürer Stube is an intimate Franconian restaurant that remains drenched in the history of the 450-year-old building it occupies. Today, it is still run by the same family, three generations down, and offers a succulent menu of traditional Nuremberg fare, including sausages, steaks, fish and seasonal vegetables.


Nuremberg has many transport options, from public buses and trains, to taxis and car hires. Depending on the itinerary of your trip, you can find the right type of transport to support your needs and enable you to get around more swiftly, and comfortably.

To get all the information required for transport in Nuremberg, click here.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

City Park

The current location of the City Park was originally used for the Bavarian State Exhibition of Trade, Craft, Industry and Arts in 1892. When the fair was over and the buildings torn down, the city decided to turn the grounds into a beautiful park.

Today this Nuremberg nature park boasts plenty of green lawns and some items of historical value, like the Schiller Memorial.

Travel Pass

Nuremberg’s public transport is run by Verkehrsverbund Grobraum Nurnberg or VGN for short. They provide a large choice of tickets to get you around the city, all the while enabling you to enjoy the views of the city from different points of views.

To find the ticket for you, click here.

Train Booking

Nuremberg is the perfect place to head to if you are already in Germany for any amount of time. Strike two birds with one sone and py n a day trip to Nuremberg. With so much history and amazing sites to visit, locations to simply relax and take in the fact that you are in another country, you can truly enjoy yourself and create some amazing memories.

Plan a day trip from Berlin to Nuremberg below.

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