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Parc de la Colline du Chateau

Parc de la Colline du Chateau - Nice - BeBi Travel

Take your trip in Nimes to new heights by visiting the beautiful Parc de Colline du Chateau. The Greeks colonised the hill around 500bc. The strategic position gave them the best view over the sea and land, which enabled them to spot enemies coming from afar. The chateau stood untouched until 1705 when Louis the XIV gave orders to dismantle it. This location still provides one of the best views in Nice and has potential to create some wonderful memories, especially with a lovely glass of French Wine.

Sainte-Répérate Cathedral

Sainte-Répérate Cathedral - Nice - BeBi Travel

This Cathedral is a cultural and historical landmark. It is named after a Palestinian girl that was killed at the age of 15 for her beliefs during the third century. Many believe that when she was killed, her soul turned into a dove and flew away, her body was placed into a boat and blown by Angels breath across the sea where it would arrive in Nice, at what is now known as the Angel Bay (Bais des Anges). The Cathedral has been standing since the 11th Century however over the years, additional buildings have been added and the styles and architecture of the Cathedral has changed.

Whether you have religious beliefs or not, I find that this Cathedral is a must see when in Nice. With a long history and beautiful sights to see, I would add this to my itinerary.

Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix - Nice - BeBi Travel

Give yourself a change of scenery during your trip to Nice by visiting Parc Phoenix. This 7 Hectare park offers many activities and exhibitions on Nature throughout the whole year. With over 20 themed gardens, 2,500 plant species, a beautiful lake, and a variety of animals to see, this park is perfect for a day out.

This park has one of the largest Greenhouses in Europe, also known as the ‘Green Diamond’, which takes visitors through 6 different tropical climates to discover rare plants and animals. There is also a beautiful lake, which has been naturally inhabited by a variety of different animals that live peacefully alongside one another.  

Entry is only 5€, and it is free for under-12s, which is money well spent considering how much they have to offer. Entry is free for those who have a French Riviera Pass (Find more info on Travel Passes in the Budget Tips Section). So, pack a lovely picnic and take a visit to Parc Phoenix while in Nice, as you are guaranteed to enjoy the sights.

Typical Costs


There are flights to Nice for as cheap as £19. It is important when planning your travels that you know you are looking in the right place, especially when it means you could end up saving yourself a load of money. Skyscanner is one of the best places to look when searching for flights as it shows you which days of the month will be cheaper to travel on. Offering you all the best deals from a multitude of Airlines.


Over time, the closer you get to the centre of the city, the more expensive the accommodation tends to be. If you are hoping to stay in the centre of Nimes, a cheaper alternative to hotels would be a Hostel. You can stay in a hostel just minutes from Old Town from as little as £13 a night. This includes 6-12 bed Dorms, free Wi-Fi, Free Gym, onsite restaurants and more.

To find the perfect Hostel for your stay, Click here.


Nice - BeBi Travel

There is a large variety of cuisine in Nice, from Mediterranean to American, and Italian to French Gourmet, you really aren’t short of choice. Visit the seaside and enjoy a meal at the Hard Rock Café or go to the city centre and indulge in a beautiful Italian dish.


There are trams that run every 5 to 10 minutes between 4:30am and 11:30pm in Nice. Tickets are only €1.50, and you can get Day-Passes for only €5. This is a great way to get around if you don’t fancy the walking, and it will give you a feel of what it’s like to be a local in Nice.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Nice - BeBi Travel

When you’re in Nice, you can visit the Cimiez Convent, a 16th century monastery. There is a small museum here, a 17th century chapel and beautiful gardens to walk through. Entry here is free, and it is a great way to spend the day. Finding places like this is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Nice on a budget, as you get to explore just as much for a lot less money!

Travel Pass

You can get a French Riviera Pass when in Nice. It provides free access to the most important sites in Nice and can help you save a tonne of money when travelling and exploring. A 24hr pass is €26, I think this a great deal as you can spend the day visiting multiple places, without spending an excessive amount on admission fees.

For more info and booking details on Travel passes in Nice, Click here.

Get Cooking

Nice - BeBi Travel

If you choose to stay in self-catering accommodation, local markets are the best places to get fresh and quality ingredients for cooking. There are a variety of markets in Nice, from arts and crafts, to farmers markets, to flea markets. There is a range of things available to purchase and the best thing about markets is they tend to have good quality foods for a small cost.

Get Walking

You may not like the idea of having to walk around everywhere, however it’s such a good way to explore the city whilst saving money on transport. When deciding on things to see, the choice is yours, enjoy the journey there, take in what the city has to offer and experience things you may have missed out on if you took the bus or train! Take some time walking around the streets, becoming familiar with the surroundings and really feel like a French Local.

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