Malaga the beautiful Spanish city is the heart of the province with the same name and capital of Costa del Sol. Not only beautiful, sunny and teeming with beaches, it is also one of the oldest cities in the world. Having been founded in the 8th century by Phoenicians, followed by the Greeks, and developed in 218BC by the Romans who colonised Spain. The art culture in this city is amazing, with exhibits dedicated to all forms, and the hometown of the world-renowned artist Picasso.

What to See and Do

Tapas Crawl

Tapas - Malaga - BeBi Travel

Spain’s traditional food is tapas, and you are in a city where you can find tapas around every corner, similar to pubs in the UK. A great way to get comfortable with your surroundings and have a relaxed, easy going adventure – a tapas crawl. Visit as many tapas restaurants and street vans as you can, and you will begin to find your way around Malaga and become accustomed with their traditional style of food. I call this a 2 for 1!

Museo Picasso

Museo Picasso - Malaga - BeBi Travel

The perfect destination for great art and culture of Malaga. With the works of the famous Picasso, Andy Warhol and many esteemed artists throughout the years. Delve into the works of the greats and get a first-hand look at the artistic evolution and learn about the creative minds behind them. With many exhibitions coming and going at this museum, every visit will feel a little bit different and provide you an alternate experience.

Catedral de la Encarnacion

Catedral de la Encarnacion - Malaga - BeBi Travel

The Spanish renaissance style cathedral overlooks the sea and stands tall over Malaga. Wander through this magnificent cathedral and observe its spectacular architecture. Such precision in its creation, you can examine the intricate details placed on the exterior and the interior of the cathedral. The unique siloesca structure has many riches to it and you can spend some time getting familiar with its history.

Typical Costs


Spain has been drawing people for many years and is tourist attractions are always packed with people. One thing you might not know is that you can get over to Malaga starting from £18!! Go and come back for £35, absolute bargain. Flying around Europe is much cheaper than many agencies make it out to be, and you can order your ticket right now, just enter your dates, select return or single and click search flights. It is always good to have some leeway when booking flights, one day could make all the difference.


So many hostels are in the city of Malaga, so you can find accommodation perfect for one and for mingling. See the city and enjoy the views, then return to lovely residents with many people to share your new memories with. Accommodation starts from around £10 per night, so you can save a lot and still be able to enjoy yourself. Most hostels com with free wifi, some even provide bikes for hire so you can make your way around town in your own style and route.


The go to for most travellers, and the one that can provide good value for money, if booked timely and in the best locations. With over 400 hotels and properties to choose from, you can be sure to find the place to call home for your holiday stay. Rooms start from around £30 per night, giving you the peace of mind, knowing you won’t be breaking the bank this time for a short stay holiday.

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Villa - BeBi Travel

Our favourite place for booking accommodation and the one for best value for money. You can find an entire flat or even villa for a similar cost of a double room in the hotels. Enjoy comfort and privacy whilst abroad whether you are solo travelling or travelling with friends or family, you can get the full Spanish villa too, great for those first holidays away from parents, and almost half the cost most agencies charge! With entire homes available to you starting from £35 per night, you are getting the best value for your money with Airbnb.


Churros - BeBi Travel

When hunger strikes, you want to be in Malaga. With so much food to eat, you can tease all of your senses simultaneously when looking for the right meal. Tapas being the most popular traditional food of Spain, you can be certain to not run short of supply of that! Galivant around town and try the various versions of this traditional Spanish dish. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some churros, the spanish dessert is to die for, but be careful if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t realise it before you’ve eaten a dozen!


When looking for a means to explore the city of Malaga, there are many ways to choose from. You can enjoy the relaxed and informative choice of using tour guides or hop on and off buses to see the sights and learn some historical facts about what you gaze your eyes upon. You can also join the new system of travel, Segway. With numerous Segway companies based in Malaga, you can be sure to find a provider for this new unique means of travel.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

El Parque

El Parque - Malaga - BeBi Travel

Malaga’s city park which runs alongside the “Paseo del Parque”, was created at the end of the 19th century making use of land reclaimed from the sea. The park contains beautiful tropical flowering trees and shrubs. Many of the unusual and exotic species were brought from overseas, including Cuba, when Malaga was an important world trading centre.

Every Sunday the Malaga Municipal Band gives a concert from 12 noon in the Eduardo Ocon Bandstand in the Malaga Park.

Travel Pass

Malaga Pass

Travel Pass - Malaga - BeBi Travel

Malaga Pass is all you need to discover the Andalusian city and enjoy its cultural and leisure offer. It allows you to experience Malaga in the best possible way, saving you time and money

The card entitles you to visit the permanent collection of museums, monuments and attractions only once without having to queue and pay at the entrance. In addition, the holders of the tourist card will benefit from discounts on sightseeing, leisure, shopping, restaurants, etc.

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Get Cooking

Visit one of the farmers markets in Malaga – Mercado de Salamanca is one of the less touristy destinations so you can roam the place without too many people in your vicinity. Purchase some local ham, mollete and EVOO and you have yourself a traditional Andalucian breakfast, Spanishify the meal with some extra virgin olive oil. Nothing like a homemade breakfast!

Intercity Bus Booking

If you are in Sevilla and you are looking for one last destination, Malaga is always a great place to go as it is near the coast and across the pond you have the continent of Africa. Visit Morocco straight from Malaga, and since you are right next to it, you will save a lot getting there. You can find an intercity bus from Seville to Malaga starting from £18, see some more of the country on this 2 hour journey.

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