The up and coming city of Germany, Leipzig. The city is bustling with life, activities and sports. If you are a football fan, you should be sure not to miss out on visiting the city’s local football stadium, RB Leipzig. The town’s enviable economic status stimulated a notable cultural life based particularly on the early development of the printing industry but also including the musical efflorescence associated with Johann Sebastian Bach.

What to See and Do

Monument of the Battle of the Nations

Monument of the Battle of the Nations - Leipzig - BeBi Travel

Germany is a country that has been involved in many wars, and they support this with monuments that stand where great battles had taken place. The Battle of the Nations took place in Leipzig in 1813. This monument rewards you with a phenomenal panorama view of Leipzig and the surrounding area. To get to the top of the monument you will have to brave 364 steps, through a very narrow passageway. With tickets costing €8 for adults and €6 for students and seniors. Enjoy the view from 10am daily.

Zoo Leipzig

Zoo - Leipzig - BeBi Travel

Zoo Leipzig accommodates for around 850 species of animal species and subspecies. They are working hard to become the zoo of the future. The zoo is among the most renowned and most modern in the world. Take a journey to the Planet of the Apes, in this version, Pongoland. The land of the sloth. Unique of its kind, Pongoland has Europe’s largest individual population of sloths.

New Town Hall

New Town Hall - Leipzig - BeBi Travel

The seat of the municipal government since 1905. The building also features a 115-metre tower, all of which you can explore for the lovely low price of €3. Considered to be one of the most important municipal halls in Germany. It is best to get over there now as tourism is on the rise and as the city grows more popular, I am sure everything else will also rise with it.

Tower tours take place Monday through Friday, allowing visitors to climb the 250 steps from the building’s fifth floor to the highest tower level, which offers an impressive view of the city.

Typical Costs


Leipzig is the upcoming German city of the future. With population booming and tourism growing, you can expect tickets to this destination to be on a steady rise for the next few years. Currently prices can vary drastically from £24 one way to £100+.

The best way to get the best value for money with flights here is to use incognito mode. There is no direct correlation with the mode you browse and prices, however due to the use of cookies, incognito will enable you to visit some sites and receive their best prices.

Head off to Leipzig this summer from as little as £60 return.


Leipzig has many hostels for you to reside in. With rooms starting from around £19 per night. Many of these properties and accommodations are located quite close to the city centre. You also get access to many amenities, especially free Wi-Fi in many of these hostels.


Leipzig provides many options when it comes to hotels with prices ranging from £42 per night to way above that. You can reside in a well looked after 3* hotel, that accommodates you and provides free Wi-Fi so you can continue your work or simply update the timeline with your whereabouts and enjoy a lovely German breakfast.


Leipzig, as many parts of Germany, come with a vast variety of food stands that you allow you to try bits of German tradition and they’re situated quite close to one another meaning that if you are a food lover and want to immerse yourself in the food traditions of Germany you can do so with ease. Not only are there an entourage of choices, but you can enjoy a class meal in one of the many restaurants also in the area. From German, to Italian to Vietnamese cuisine.


Leipzig is a city covered with a vast network of trams and buses, there are approximately 218km of track and 13 routes to help you see the city. A perk of the city is that you can travel around and interchange the different transport using the same ticket. Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH operates the transport in Leipzig with over 30 bus routes on top of the tram routes.

Tickets are provided by MDV, click here to get yours.

Budget Tips

Free Parks


Auenwald - BeBi Travel

If you want to escape the busy city life, Leipzig is a great for finding recreational spaces as it boasts a lot of large parks and beautifully landscaped gardens. For those simply looking for a recreational space, where they can indulge in a spot of sunbathing or picnicking, the Auenwald Park is hard to beat and lies in central Leipzig.

Travel Pass

Leipzig Regio Card entitles you to travel in the entire MDV area by tram, train, suburban rail services and bus and also enjoy exclusive, attractive discounts. The card can be used for individuals or in groups and enable you to explore the city and benefit from its benefits.

Click here to get all the information you need about the Leipzig Cards.

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