The city east of Krakow in the Silesian province of southern Poland called Katowice. The ultra modern Silesian Museum features several glass structures on the site of a former coal mine.

What to See and Do

National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio

The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra works as an ambassador of Polish culture. The ensemble has performed in Brussels, Vienna, Madrid, Rome, Kiev, Paris, and in London. The NOSPR was founded in 1935 in Warsaw by Grzegorz Fitelberg who led it until the outbreak of World War II. In 1945, the orchestra was revived in Katowice by Witold Rowicki. In 1947, the post of the artistic director was taken again by Fitelberg. After his death in 1953, the orchestra was headed in succession by many others. Take a walk around the premises, have a bite to eat in the beautiful café or even book some tickets for a concert. This place is worth a visit.

Silesian Museum

Take a visit to the Silesian Museum, where you can see the newly adapted Mine Hoist Shaft Tower. Now offering a breath-taking view of Katowice and the Silesian Suburbs. The Gallery of Polish Art, where there is a stunning collection of paintings by Polish and Silesian masters. From here you can visit the Gallery of Non-professional Art. After this take a look at the gallery of Silesian Sacred Art, and immediately after you will take in the exhibition entitled The Illumination of History: Upper Silesia through the Ages, which is in the heart of the museum.

The Silesian Museum has beautiful art and architecture, as well as being believed that it should be seen by every person that steps on Silesian soil. You can get Individual tickets for 27 PLN (5.74 GBP) and group tickets for 21 PLN (4.47 GPB). However, Tuesdays have free admission.

Dolina Trzech Stawow (Valley of Three Ponds)

Spend your day wandering around these beautiful grounds. The area is complete with a variety of things available to fill your day. Spend a few nights at the seasonal campground, play some tennis, and enjoy all the food you wish at the lovely restaurant (Pan De Rossa) which provides you with beautiful views of the water and Katowice.

There are 3 ponds, each popular for their own purpose; The most popular is used for relaxing and soaking in the sun, another is reserved for water sports, and there are others available for fishing. This park is also a perfect place to spend with family, or even alone, as the park area is full of marked trails. It is a popular place for sports such as running, cycling, and other activities, such as picnicking. It is free is to take a trip to this spot so gather some lunch and spend the day surrounded by the nature of Katowice.

Typical Costs


Prices for flights to Katowice vary throughout the year, anywhere from £15 to £70 return. Getting your tickets early will ensure you save a bunch on these tickets. Using my best flights service, you can acquire tickets to Katowice for £27 return. During the peak seasons, tickets can rise to £60.



Poland has some of the lowest rates when it comes to finding accommodation. You can get yourself a budget hostel room for £6 per night. With costs as low as this, you can save so much on your regular big expenses. Give yourself some more freedom to roam and enjoy the city. When looking for hostels I find Hostel World to be my go to source.

Hotels has a vast variety of hotels and even hostels. The simple sorting filter allows you to take a look at a selection of accommodation. With accommodation being such a cheap expense in Poland you can land yourself a nice hotel to rest yourself starting from £37.50 per night.


Due to the conversion rate, getting food in Warsaw cannot be cheaper. With a meal only costing an equivalent of £3, and this same amount can get you as many drinks as you deem necessary!

There are a bunch of traditional Polish restaurants around the city, offering you a range of different foods. Finding the right place can be difficult, especially if you are a fussy eater. There are also a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, such as Vietnamese, Italian, Asian (Indian, Chinese etc), Mexican, Mediterranean and more. A lot of the restaurants also offer vegetarian options. In addition to the range of restaurants, there are multiple food markets available for you to use if you would prefer to make your own meals.

You haven’t really experienced Poland until you’ve smelt the unique fragrance of fruit, vegetables, fish and Chinese cotton that make up the main things for sale in a classic outdoor Polish market.

Click here to visit one of the local markets.


Trams and buses are a fast way to travel around the city, the tickets for the network are valid for both, making travelling a lot easier without any unnecessary hassle. They offer different types of tickets that allow you to travel within specific zones of the city. You can travel the majority of Katowice and Chorzow by trams, which run through multiple new stops. Tickets range from 3.20zl to 4.80zl (66p to 99p in GBP).

One of my favourite places to find bus tours, or even just a trip from city to city is GoEuro. They recently have been acquired by another company and are now known as Omio. If you’d like to check for cheap bus fares around the country visit their page by clicking here.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

There are multiple parks around Katowice that are available for you to visit. This is a great way to spend the day, surrounded by nature and enjoying the Polish scenery. Things like this are also perfect if you are on a budget as majority of the parks around Katowice are free to enter, meaning that you can still enjoy what Katowice has to offer, without any of the costs!

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