Hamburg is home to one of Europe’s biggest harbours, created by Mother Nature herself, the second largest city in Germany gives you a unique Romanesque experience, with its Venice like waterways and canals. Located on the River Elbe, Hamburg is Germany’s largest port and commercial centre. Did you know Hamburg isn’t only a city, but it is also Germany’s Metropolitan Region spanning across four German states?

What to See and Do

Hamburg Rathaus

Rathaus - Hamburg - BeBi Travel

The Hamburg Rathaus is the Rathaus – the city hall or town hall – of Hamburg, Germany. With history dating back to the 19th century, a trip to this astounding structure is one to feast your eyes upon. Built from 1886 to 1887, and situated in the heart of the Old town, you can discover the neo-renaissance façade and observe the 600+ rooms there.

St Michaelis Church

St Michaelis Church - Hamburg - BeBi Travel

St. Michael’s Church, colloquially called Michel, is one of Hamburg’s five Lutheran main churches and the most famous church in the city. This baroque style church is considered one of the most important churches in the North of Germany. This church has been through a lot, its birth in the 1600s to present day and has been completely destroyed and rebuilt. The history of this place takes you through lightning strikes, fires and, war.

Follow the history of the church and keep up-to-date with events and discover its history here.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck - Hamburg - BeBi Travel

The animal park Hagenbeck is a Hamburg original and belongs to the Hanseatic city such as harbour, Michel and Elbphilharmonie. Animals of all continents – more than 1,850 in total – have found a home in the extensive enclosures and the magnificent, botanically diverse park.

Visit them 365 days a year in the extensive park and be inspired by free-roaming animals and great botany. You can immerse yourself not only the beautiful zoo, but also enjoy the view and submerge yourself in the tropic aquarium as well

Purchase your tickets here or find out more here.

Typical Costs


Visit this astonishing capital of Germany’s Metropolitan region starting from around £34 return. If you fancy the one-way visit, then you can head over to the harbour city for less than £20! Enjoy the beer, food and culture of Northern Germany, and add some more pages to your scrapbook.


Hamburg is the destination for many world adventurers and tourists. When visiting it may be a good choice to look for a hostel, not only are they cheap, but they engage you with minds alike and make your travels and memories that more personal. Build friendships with the people you meet and keep contact. Stay in the heart of Hamburg in dorms starting from around £24 per night, or you can stay in a private room for around £60 per night. All rooms tend to come with free cancellation so if you change your mind, there is nothing to worry about.


If the hostel life isn’t of your choosing, then you can relax in solitude at one of the local hotels. Ranging in quality from 3* up to 5* you can have the deep dreamless sleeps you may require when abroad to settle in. Many hotels offer the option of staying in a room with a shared bathroom, these rooms begin at around £35 per night. With 5* luxury available from around £70 per night. The choices here are endless!


Our favourite means of finding a place to rest our heads, Airbnb. The middle ground between hotel and hostel. Enjoy a luxurious holiday, not in a 5* hotel, but in an entire apartment. All for a similar price to that of a hotel or even a private room in a hostel. This opens the door for you to get cooking too. Find entire apartments in Hamburg starting from around £46 per night. This works even better if you are travelling as a group, as you can split the accommodation costs right down the middle. The goal here is to travel smarter and with greater value for money.


Currywurst and Chips - BeBi Travel

There are many different things that are different from your usual diet, Germany has many variations of foods and have them presented in very traditional ways such as the currywurst. This spicy and filling dish with fries is a favourite of students in Berlin, Hamburg, and many other German university towns. This is only one of the vast choices that you will have to make when choosing what to eat.


U3 - BeBi Travel

Transport in Hamburg comprises an extensive, rail system, subway system, airports and maritime services for the more than 1.7 million inhabitants of the city of Hamburg and 4.3 million people in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The city boasts an extensive public transport network of rapid transit and regional trains, buses and harbour ferries, operated by Hamburg’s public transport organisation HVV.

Budget Tips

Free Parks


The view from the artificial river in the city.

The Binnenalster is a famous lake in the centre of Hamburg. On one side of the Binnenalster you will find the Jungfernstieg, i.e. the most famous street in Hamburg which is also well known by lots of people in the whole country. The Binnenalster is the smaller part of the Alster and can be recognised by its characteristic Alster fountain, which can reach a height of up to 60 metres.

Travel Pass

A range of single, daily and weekly tickets that are valid for all buses, trains and ferries are available at HVV ticket machines. For frequent travellers, monthly or annual tickets are the cheapest options. Also, be sure to ask your Hamburg-based employer if the company takes part in the ProfiCard-programme. The Hamburg CARD is recommended for tourists, as it grants discounts on various cultural and leisure activities in addition to free transportation. Note: Day-passes are cheaper after 9:00 a.m.

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