The port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. Colorful facades of Long Market are at the center of its Main Town. A 17th-century symbol of the city topped by a bronze statue of the sea god, Neptune. Gdansk is not only with the symbol of Neptune, but it is also the center for the World’s amber trade.

What to See and Do

Museum of the Second World War

WWII Museum - Gdansk - BeBi Travel

Go on an adventure through time and visit the Museum of the Second World War. Located not far from the historic Polish Post Office and just across the water from Westerplatte Peninsula, there is a 1,700-square-metre lot. However, it is set aside for the museum which touches the Radunia Canal to the west, and the south side opens onto a wide panorama of the Motława River.

Admission is only 23zl, which works out around £4.86, a family ticket costs 55zl, which is equivalent to £11.36!

Motlawa River

Motlawa River - Gdansk - BeBi Travel

To get a slightly different and wider perspective of the town, head out on a cruise on the Motlawa River, offered by many service providers along the harbor. If you want to truly immerse yourself, and step back in time opt to cruise on one of the few galleon-style ships.

Only a 30-minute drive from the town centre, Motlawa is a peaceful location to visit in Gdansk. Perfect getaway for a couple, relaxing in mother nature and enjoy the sounds of the waterfall and bustling life, and with some tickets still coming up at less than £30, you can take a day trip to another country for the price of a 3-course meal in London.

Three Crosses Monument

Three Crosses Monument - Gdansk - BeBi Travel

It recalls the dramatic events in December 1970 where dozens of shipyard workers died tragically in the streets. This was during a worker strike at the shipyard and their suppression by the army. The Three Crosses Monument symbolizes Freedom and is a major part in Polish History. Take a tour around the location and learn about it all from the professionals themselves.

Typical Costs


Right now, you can get yourself over to Gdansk this Autumn for as little as £21 return. With many airlines stopping in Poland, you can find a range of deals for getting yourself over to Poland and you can find yourself a return flight on Momondo for £18! Such a steal.



Hostels in Gdansk range from as little as £5.30 a night and can exceed £70 a night depending on whether you choose to stay in dorms or private rooms. Take a look at some rooms and make your booking at Hostel World for budget rooms.


Many of the rooms that I have found in the past have been with Airbnb and These websites provide vast results for you to sift through and decide the best accommodation for your holiday.


Brovarnia Gdansk is famed for its refreshing beers, made onsite, it is also a great place for food – the fresh cod in Prosecco sauce. The assault of restaurants provides superb sustenance. Simple, hearty, and excellent value.

You can truly let yourself go if you are a big foodie , because your choice of more than 50 delicacies and classics, you can truly let yourself go if you are a big foodie.


In Gdansk, you can purchase a 24hr train pass. This gives you free access on trains and trams. The cost of this pass is 17pln which is £3.52. You can also get yourself a 72-hour pass for 24 – 48pln (£5 – 10). Low-cost travel in Poland allows you to travel around and enjoy more of the city.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Oliwa Park, which surrounds the cathedral and Abbot’s Palace, is well maintained, groomed, and full of quiet places to sit and enjoy the day. Find shade to sit under or relax by the beautiful lakes and streams that run through the grounds. Oliwa Park has been noticed for its continuous beauty during all seasons of the year. It is always worth a visit, no matter when you go.

Travel Pass

In Gdansk, Tourists Cards are available. This provides you with a bunch of discounts and free entries to museums, restaurants, and other locations suited to your needs. You can top these up and travel freely around the city.

Family Packages are available with the tourist card, it allows you to go a variety of places that are child-friendly and perfect for the family. Other deals are available such as the Sightseeing Package (a special package of attractions, locations, and interesting places to view) the Active Package (Activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking and go-karts etc) and more. Prices range from 40pln to 120pln.

Click here to buy your travel pass.

Walking Tour

Free walking tours are available around Gdansk, designed for induvial travelers, couples or small groups. Taking you around the city, you can see what Gdansk has to offer, shown to you by the professionals.

You can find timetables here.

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