The fifth largest city in Germany awaits your arrival. This historic metropolis has an abundance of things to see, for thrill seekers to businessmen. The 2,000-year-old transportation and financial hub offers skyscrapers, the Main River, a famous opera house, and even a thriving theatre district. If you’re looking for a great time, Frankfurt has a grand selection of dance clubs and bars, for the nights you can’t remember, with people you can’t forget.

What to See and Do

Go to the Stadel Museum

Stadel Museum - BeBi Travel

Founded in 1815, this world-renowned art gallery has an outstanding collection of European art from masters including Durer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Renoir, Picasso, and Cézanne. More contemporary works by artists including Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter are showcased in a subterranean extension lit by circular skylights.

Frankfurt Romerberg

Romerberg - BeBi Travel

Take a look at the historic central square of Frankfurt. The reconstructed half-timbered buildings show us a peek into the beauty that was the medieval city Frankfurt on Main. Gaze upon the bronze fountain that depicts the goddess Justitia holding up scales and a sword. The first fountain was inaugurated in 1543, with several replacements over the years. In 1612, at the coronation of Matthias, the fountain ran with wine. The Romerberg creates a gorgeous backdrop for the Christmas market in December.

Kaiserdom St Bartholomaus

Kaiserdom St Bartholomaus - BeBi Travel

Frankfurt’s red-sandstone Cathedral. Climb the 95-m high Gothic tower with 328 steps. The essence of history can be acknowledged at the cathedral. Constructed in the 13th Century, you can stand where the Holy Roman Emperors were elected.


Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt - BeBi Travel

The colorful aesthetics of the stalls inside this bustling traditional market hall sell artisan smoked sausages, cheeses, pretzels, loose-leaf teas, cakes and chocolates, fresh pasta, olives, meat, poultry and downstairs, fish. It’s unmissable for picnickers or self-caterers, anyone wanting to experience the Frankfurt life?

Typical Costs


Getting yourself over to beautiful Frankfurt is now at an amazing low. Recent updates show us that you are able to get tickets from my almighty source, Skyscanner for a low £21 return. Booking this in early gives you more freedom when booking holidays, on average flights to Frankfurt cost from £80 – 200, this is a massive saving.



A great (my favorite) source for finding yourself low-cost accommodation for your trips away is Hostelworld. You can get yourself a comfortable private twin room from £40 per night. A variety of locations are within walking distance to public transport services. Make sure to purchase a padlock for lockers in some hostels, better safe than sorry.

Hotels provides me with all the hotels I need. I have used their services on multiple occasions, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. You can find splendid deals, and when traveling during off-peak times you can land yourself in a 4/5* hotel for the price of 2*. Hotels in Frankfurt tend to be pricey, nonetheless, I have found hotels for £50-60 per night. A hotel and flight from the suggested locations would take your big expenses to a total of £201 for 3 nights for 2 people. Still significantly less than the travel agents.


For food, there’s a variety of things to try, restaurants everywhere you look, aromatic smells. Frankfurt is home to some of the best restaurants in Germany. History is ever present, throughout their dining locations. Dauth-Schneider is a convivial tavern, perfect for trying local and classic regional specialties such as Sulz (cold meat and jelly terrine.), Gekochte Haspel (pickled pork knuckle) with sauerkraut, and various tasting platters.


Considered as one of the international hubs for finance and transportation, Frankfurt has a multitude of ways for you to get around. Subways, trams, commuter trains, and buses – the easiest way to travel in Frankfurt!

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Parks and nature. A gem of Frankfurt is the number of locations you can go and enjoy nature, maybe a snack amidst mother nature. Gruneburgpark used to be part of the Rothschild family estate, now the park is sectioned in sizeable lawns. The densely wooded urban areas are home to the Frankfurt city forest. Six playgrounds for kids to enjoy and a great way to delve into.

Travel Pass

Get yourself a Frankfurt card, this will give you unlimited access to transport in Frankfurt, not only that – you get up to 50% off to various museums and 50% discount on admission to the botanical garden Palmengarten.


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