Dusseldorf is the city on the famous river Rhine. A strong history which stretches as ar back as the 12th century, where the city was first names Dusseldorp in the local Low Rhenish dialect. Germany is the country that loves beer and Dusseldorf have their own signature craft, Altbier, the native dark beer, something to try as you pass through the old town.

What to See and Do

Old Town

Old Town - Dusseldorf - BeBi Travel

Feel the true German spirit and enjoy the life of the city in the evening time. Locals and tourists come together and celebrate life by drinking and dancing in the area that is densely populated with near 300 bars, bier-halles and pubs. This togetherness of hospitality is nicknamed “the longest bar in the world”, quite the suitable nickname!

The old town isn’t just for drinking with the locals, it is also considered the heart of the nightlife in Germany. There’s a great choice of nightclubs, music venues and cocktails bars to reside in, take in some traditional German music, or head out for a lads or ladies night at one of the many clubs. Be sure to endeavour to try out the local specialty, Altbier.


Rheinturm - Dusseldorf - BeBi Travel

If you are not too sure where to start with your exploration of Dusseldorf, then I highly recommend you get yourself to the top of the 234-metre tower and gauge your next destination with a panoramic view of the city. The telecommunications tower is Dusseldorf’s tallest building and sporting a 172-metre panoramic observation platform. High speed elevators take visitors all the way to the top where there is a glass-fronted revolving restaurant.

Schloss Benrath

Schloss Benrath - Dusseldorf - BeBi Travel

Today, the palace is open to the public and home to a collection of three museums—the Palace Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum for European Garden Art—and also hosts concerts, weddings and theatre performances in its halls.

The history of this palace reaches to the 18th century 1755, overlooking a large lake that simply reflect the beauty of the palace itself. With 14 acres of surrounding green such as parks and gardens, with fancy water features, this is a great destination to relax and take in some nature and food.

Typical Costs


You can prepare to getaway and visit the amazing scenery that Dusseldorf has to offer. If you are looking to start a tour of Germany somewhere, Dusseldorf may be the best destination to start, with outgoing flights starting from just £10 you can be abroad for the cost of two footlong subs!!! Return flights are currently less than £30, a perfect getaway for you and your partner in flight.


These are always great ways to build greater memories for your trips away. Being surrounded by people, locals, and tourists under the same roof. You build relationships that last and maybe even rekindle those fires when you return. With accommodation beginning from £19 per night you can be sure to save on the usual expenses of hotels. Also, a great talking spot for those less talked about city gems.


For solo travellers, you can find many hotels that offer you a room, private shower and breakfast as a nice simple package. With many local hotels you can be sure to find something that isn’t extortionate. Rooms start from around £30 per night and are well situated in the centre of town and near public transport. Your 5* suites are still available for you to choose to, but when exploring, all you really need is a place that suits your necessities.


The holy grail of accommodation is Airbnb, our favourite resource to use when looking for something to tackle the otherwise costly expense of a holiday. With entire apartments, flats, and villas available at the same price as a hotel night stay, you really get the smarter choices and great value for your money. Entire flats begin around £32 per night, very similar to be restricted to a room and a bathroom, you can now get back and collapse on the sofa and feel right at home!


There is in no short supply, many traditional dishes Dusseldorf and with many traditional dishes. As with many cities in Germany, Dusseldorf have their own signature sausage, the Blutwurst. This sausage is made with chopped cooked pork, leftovers from slaughtering and fresh blood, this one may be an acquired taste to some, nonetheless, what’s travelling without a little daring.


Dusseldorf has an affordable and convenient-to-use bus service operated by Rheinbahn. Bus services are well integrated with the city’s subway and tramcars, which are also operated by Rheinbahn. Get yourself various tickets depending on your stay and your transport needs. Rheinbahn provide many options and even offer hotel partner discounts where you can use your room ticket to travel in the VRR region

Click here to check out the tickets they offer and for more info.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Generous park landscapes constitute “a green axis “, that runs right through Düsseldorf. The axis commences with the Nordpark with its Japanese Garden, continues through the Rheinpark and Hofgarten and carries on through the Südpark to the Fleher Wäldchen.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden - Dusseldorf - BeBi Travel

In the north-west corner of the Nordpark, which is also the quietest and most unhurried part of the park, there is a garden jewel of a special kind: the “Japanese Garden.

Travel Pass

Dusseldorf Card

Dusseldorf Card - BeBi Travel

There is a Dusseldorf Card that enables you to free public transport and discounted entry to the numerous museums, guided tours, and cultural events happening throughout the city. Savour Dusseldorf’s culinary delights and relax with sports and games.

Find out more information here.

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