The city of iron, coal and beer has been a cultural and industrial centre of Europe for over 200 years. With around 600,000 inhabitants, this powerhouse city, remains one of the greener cities on Earth, with half the city being surrounded by parks and greenland. A city with over 1,100 years of history, there is certainly a lot to see, and learn.

What to See and Do

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund - BeBi Travel

Many cities do not really have famous football teams, but then again, many cities are not Dortmund. Home to the second-best team in Germany, second to Bayern Munich. BVB have been far in contests such as the UEFA Champions League, Super League and many other competitions. The history of this club dates back to 1909 when it was founded. BVB or Ballspiel-Verein Borussia (Ball Sports Club Borussia), took inspiration from the city’s brewery company on the street Steiger Strasse.

St Reinold’s Church

St Reinold's Church - Dortmund - BeBi Travel

This is an open church that is visited by hundreds of people for a variety of different reasons. Some being to: find peace or shelter, pray or light a candle, observe the historically significant treasures or to simply have conversation with someone. The church stands in the same place its predecessor did in the 10th century – in the centre of Dortmund.


Hohensyburg - Dortmund - BeBi Travel

If you wish to explore and immerse yourself in the history of Dortmund, Hohensyburg or Sigiburd is a castle complex of the Lords of Sieberg. Built in the year ca. 700 by Westphalian Saxons. This site is in Syburg, a neighbourhood in the Horde district of Dortmund. Take a trip to visit this historical site and its surroundings.

Typical Costs


You can get over to this amazing city starting from around £13 one way or £26 return. Explore all the greatness that is Dortmund and discover the history it holds. Dortmund is a great place to visit, even for a few days you can get away for less than £30!


You can find a place to rest yourself and recover from a long day’s exploration and reside in one of the local hostels starting from less than £15 per night! If you are looking for a more private place of rest, then you can also opt for the private rooms from around £45 per night.


Airbnb - BeBi Travel

The perfect and more preferred place to find accommodation is on Airbnb. This company is the middle ground between hostels and hotels. Being able to pay per night for an entire apartment, house or villa, you can get your money’s worth, and more privacy. With entire 3-bedroom flats available in Dortmund from as little as £14 per night, you can have the comfort of a hotel and facilities of a hostel, allowing you to cook some local cuisine.


Dortmund, a booming city of Germany does not fall short of any accommodation, with hotels ranging from 2 – 5* you can seek refuge in a number of places. With prices beginning from £24 per night, you can find comfort in many places.


There are a variety of food restaurants in Dortmund with all styles of cuisine available. If you would like to have some food that is familiar to you, then you can be pleased to know there is a place for that. With food from Turkey, Italy, Middle East and traditional German cuisine.


The transport services in Dortmund are primarily run by DSW21. They have a website that offers numerous public transport services, you can visit here and get all the latest information, prices and travel updates.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Westphalia Park

Westphalia Park - Dortmund - BeBi Travel

The Westfalenpark is a beautiful spot — a welcome oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a popular place for picnics and sunbathing with the locals. Tourists are sure to flock to this Dortmund park’s Rose Garden, which features 3,000 different flowers.

The highlight is perhaps the 209 m (685 ft) TV tower, Florianturm. From the top, you can get a lovely panorama of the park and enjoy lunch or dinner at the revolving restaurant.

Travel Pass

You can find many passes to match your explorational needs in Dortmund. You can get single tickets for short days, or you can get a one-week ticket to accommodate all of your travel throughout Dortmund. There is also the option of purchasing a 24-hour ticket for 1 up to 5 people, a brilliant wat to see the town with your friends.

View all the prices and passes here.

Get Cooking

 A great thing to partake in after a long days adventure will be to try and recreate the traditional German stew know as Pfefferpotthast. This tough to say dish is a traditional peppered beef stew, belonging to the Westphalia region.

Train Booking

Do you want to see some more of Germany without the need for a second trip? Why not take a train from Dortmund to Berlin starting from £26 or do the trip in reverse for a starting price that is little bit less .

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