This beautiful town is one of the four counties forming the Great County of Avilés. Corvera is soaked in a base of prehistoric settlements. The most interesting belonging to that of the Astures, leaving traces of two fortified villages that are yet to be excavated. The home to Real Murcia CF, one of the top football clubs in the world, sporting a stadium to match its status.

What to See and Do

Cathedral of Murcia

Cathedral of Murcia - Corvera - BeBi Travel

This huge standing Cathedral makes a large statement and makes the city shine with great exuberance. The Gothic style cathedral also has pieces from other architectural periods, Roman, Renaissance and a fair few others. If you are in the area, this is a popular destination for tourists and highly recommended to be added to itinerary. Created in 1394 on the site of a former mosque, you can learn a lot of the history of the city and its great architecture.

Estadio de La Condomina

Estadio de La Condomina - Corvera - BeBi Travel

The stadium is multi-use holding 6,500 spectators and is mostly used for football and music shows. A great stage for these great entertainment practises. La Condomina was built in 1924 with an initial capacity almost 3 times the amount it holds today. The home grounds to Real Murcia for over 80 years, a great place to explore for football fans.

Plaza de Toros de Murcia

Plaza de Toros de Murcia - Corvera - BeBi Travel

Experience the flavour of Spain and visit the bullring in Murcia. Built in 1885, with a capacity of 15,000 people.

Typical Costs


If Corvera is a place that you haven’t heard of before, it is a must-see city. Filled with historical instances and so much to enjoy, experience and learn. You can get to the beautiful region of Murcia starting from as little as £18 one way, £35 return. Travelling is always there for everyone to enjoy, and you can visit this beautiful country for less than many may assume.


Corvera is a city within reach of many airports, and other well-known cities. You can find accommodation in and around Corvera, rest easy with a room in one of the local hostels starting from as little as £20 per night, perfect for a few nights’ getaway, or heavy culture and traditiona exploration. Shared rooms are usually the cheapest and enable you to engage more with fellow tourists and locals alike.


You can reside in the comfort of a 4* bedroom in Corvera, various 4* accommodation with the price beginning from £124 for 4 nights. If the extra privacy and access to your own bathroom is something that is preferred, then you will never fall short of finding something that meets your needs in Corvera!


Villa - BeBi Travel

Corvera is in the country of Villas. Many travel to Spain and seek refuge in beautiful accommodation, villas and condominiums. Corvera is of no exception. With the selection of these properties at the same cost per night for a hotel room. Reside in a beautiful condominium for 4 nights starting from the same cost as a hotel room. Enjoy views, a swimming pool and your own food.


Lunch is the most important meal of the day that can easily stretch into long hours of talking, gossiping, drinking and sorting the world out, after the meal is finished. The Spaniards have a name for it, the sobremesa, for which there is no English translation available.

Visit the Cabana Buenavista. Nestled between the city of Murcia and the Regional Park El Valle and Carrascoy sits the restaurant, where chef Pablo González and his team reigns supreme. The ambiance, the personality of the chef and the exceptionally crafted dishes and wine list, earned the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2010, followed by a second star in 2017. Every detail of this charming restaurant makes a visit to Cabaña Buenavista a wonderful experience.


The exploration of Corvera will have to be one taken either on foot or via hired car/taxi. Corvera de Asturias has no public transport. So do keep in mind, when travelling to Corvera, to have the extra pocket change for getting around. The surrounding cities have limited public transport, public transport nonetheless.

Budget Tips

Get Cooking

Paella - BeBi Travel

Visit the local markets and grab the ingredients for a well-known, majorly established and delicious dish, Paella. The meal is filled with healthy goodness, and if you are a lover of seafood and meat, this is the dish for you. Loaded with fresh seafood, rice, spices and vegetables.

Train Booking

Corvera is an amazing city with so much history to explore and educate yourself with. You can plan a lovely short stay here, especially if you are already in Spain, you can grab the train from Barcelona to Corvera starting from around £40.

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