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Château Comtal and Ramparts 

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This Medieval City is located within the modern city of Carcassonne. The Castle has been standing on the highest point in Carcassonne since the 12th century. There is so much history within these walls, and a lot to learn about the city and how it developed over the centuries.   

Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus 

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This historic building is thought to have been constructed in the 6th Century during the reign of Theodoric the Great, ruler of the Visigoths. Over many years the cathedral was reconstructed and renovated into different styles by different rulers of the City. Today it still stands with its Gothic Architecture and historic feel. If you are interested in History around the world I would recommend taking a visit here, as there is a lot to learn and see.  

Châteaux de Lastours 

Carcassonne - BeBi Travel

Just 20 minutes from Carcassonne, you can find The Châteaux de Lastours in the French commune of Lastours. The four castles are on a rocky spur above the village of Lastours, isolated by the deep valleys of the Orbeil and Grésilhou rivers. There is a wonderful view from the castles, and surrounded by nature you can dive into the history of this location. At the foot of the castles, you will find the medieval village of Cabaret, which reveals the remains of houses with stables, craftsmen’s workshops and more. Don’t miss out on this historic sight. 

Typical Costs 


You can find flights to Carcassonne for as little as £25. This location is a great place for a short getaway, exploring, learning and relaxing. With a multitude of things to see and do, you won’t be short of plans while travelling around this gorgeous city. Skyscanner provides cheap flights with a variety of Airlines, giving you the flexibility you look for when booking flights.


Airbnb offers a range of accommodation available for you to rent while travelling. This can vary from houses, to studio flats or having an entire apartment to yourself. 

Carcassonne - BeBi Travel
Photo by  Markus Spiske

In Carcassonne, you can stay in a beautiful duplex for as little as £22 a night. Some homes will vary, but they usually come with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, kitchen and cooking appliances, central heating & A/C and more. With Airbnb, it is easier to find Central accommodation without having to pay higher prices for hotels, and being in places like this makes you feel right at home. 


You could spend 3 nights in a beautiful central hotel for only £65 a night. This can include amenities such as free Wi-Fi, Bar, Lounge area, Restaurants, breakfast and more. Finding somewhere central can be a difficult task as it tends to be quite expensive the closer to landmarks you get, but Booking.com is a great way to find hotels in a variety of locations around Carcassonne, you can find exactly what you are looking for and filter your searches to your needs.  

With no booking or credit card fees, it’s a quick and simple way to find accommodation. Click hereto find more info on hotels around Carcassonne.  


In Carcassonne, duck and goose are specialities, as well as Spanish-style cured ham and a range of other meats. There are a range of restaurants in Carcassonne, and after a day of visiting landmarks, visiting one is a must.

Carcassonne - BeBi Travel
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 Comte Roger is a beautiful restaurant in the heart of Carcassonne, this restaurant serves traditional French cuisine, with a variety of tasty options for lunch, dinner and dessert.   

Restaurant Comte Roger  

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 12:00-13:45, 19:00-21:45 

Sunday-Monday: Closed 

Address: 14 Rue Saint-Louis , 11000 CarcassonneAude, France 

Phone: 04 68 11 93 40 

Email: restaurant@comteroger.com 


In Carcassonne, there are only 11 bus lines running throughout the city. A shuttle system that opens during the summer season to take tourists through Bastide Saint-Louis. Although there is a lack of transport in this city, it has also been advised that while you are here you travel by foot anyway. Locals believe it is the best way to view the city and really see what it has to offer. You can join walking tours or plan your own route, but you are guaranteed to see more this way. 

There is a bus that travels from the airport through Carcassonne, meaning you have easy access to the city once you arrive at the airport. You can also get a train from the station just outside of the city. Perfect if you want to get tickets to travel out of Carcassonne to places like Toulouse.  

For a different view you can get a small train that travels around the city, starting from the Narbonne Gate, showing you a range of historic places up close. Each journey lasts 20-25 minutes. Tickets cost €7.50 per adult, and only €4 per child.  

Budget Tips 

Free Parks 

Cavayere Lake is a beautiful spot located close to the medieval city. The Lake and accompanying leisure centre span over 40 hectares, a perfect place for walks and picnics surrounded by nature. Water sports and bathing are allowed around the park, and there are many other activities such as mini-golf, inflatable water games, volleyball and there is also a tree-top adventure park. 

Carcassonne - BeBi Travel

Parks like this are a great way to spend the day relaxing while abroad and can help save a lot of money on entry fees and travel. 

Travel Pass 

You can purchase what they have called a Carca’ Pass, which gives you discounts on a range of things in the city such as restaurants, leisure activities, museum and sightseeing fees and more. There are 2 options when purchasing this pass. For 9,50€ you can get the pass with a guided tour included, or it is only 6€ without the tour. They also provide you with a brochure, giving you all of the best places to visit in Carcassonne.  

Get Cooking 

There are a variety of markets available in Carcassonne. In Bastide Saint Louis, you can find the flower, fruit and vegetable market open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.  

Carcassonne - BeBi Travel
Photo by Annie Spratt

There is also an indoor market, where you can find produce such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and poultry. This market is open from Tuesday to Saturday during the mornings. Located in the old market hall in Bastide Saint Louis.  

When you stay in self-catering accommodation, it’s always a great idea to take a visit to the local markets. You are guaranteed a great quality of food for a small cost, and you get the chance to experience with French ingredients. Cooking at home also saves you a lot of money on food, as markets will be significantly cheaper than Restaurants. 

Have some fun in the kitchen and see what you can do!  

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