Bydgoszcz is a city in northern Poland, on the Brda and Vistula rivers. With a city population of 358,614, and an urban agglomeration with more than 470,000 inhabitants, Bydgoszcz is the eighth-largest city in Poland.

What to See and Do

Mill Island

Mill Island - Bydgoszcz - BeBi Travel

It was almost like a little Venice with rivers and bridges and narrow streets. There are a number of old churches and some museums in the area and they are rebuilding the old mills and the architecture is different to most buildings in Poland.

JuraPark Solec

JuraPark Solec - Bydgoszcz - BeBi Travel

JuraPark Solec is a unique place where you will learn about prehistoric creatures. You will face giant insects and will go wild on the Amusement Park. JuraPark Solec is located between Bydgoszcz and Toruń and is located in a beautiful forest scenery.

On the surface of 12 hectares there are such attractions as: educational trail with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, Museum of the Earth. Karol Sabath with an impressive collection of fossils and the Winter Garden, Kino Emocji Cinema 5D, Amusement Park, playground, multimedia rooms. A novelty in the 2014 season is the World of Insects with gigantic reconstructions of these fascinating creatures.

Exploseum Factory

Exploseum Factory - Bydgoszcz - BeBi Travel

The former German DAG explosives factory has become a unique tourist attraction of Bydgoszcz and the region before our very eyes. It was and is possible thanks to the initiative of the city authorities to organize the Open-Air Museum of Industrial Architecture along with the underground tourist route and the Museum of Armaments Factory DAG in the so-called. NGL-Betrieb – nitro-glycerine production zones.

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Typical Costs


Without the right planning going to this less tourist invasive city will set you back a few hundred pounds, however, we are BeBi, something for everyone, and if you’d like to visit the 8th largest city in Poland, you can find flights for close to £40 return for 4 nights.


There isn’t as many options with regards to hostels in Bydgoszcz, however there is a well-known hostel called Opera Hostel. The hostel charges around £30 per night and the rooms vary in size, from single to double room.


You don’t get many hotels in Bydgoszcz; however, you can find rooms starting from around €29 per night. Many of these hotels are 3*+, with double rooms and en-suites, enabling a comfortable stay. For business travellers it may be suitable for a hotel in one of the neighbouring cities and commuting in.


Airbnb - BeBi Travel

Our number one recommendation for this location will be an Airbnb. You can find stunning flats, suitable for 4 guests for roughly the same price as one night in a hotel room. Prices range from around £15 – £45 per night, giving you access to apartments, and entire flats.


When in Bydgoszcz, you will not be left without options when it comes to food. With various outlet providing foods of all cuisine. If you’d like to experience the local cuisine, you should take a stroll through the Old Market Square. Enjoy traditional foods, and interact with local tradesmen, get a feel of life in Bydgoszcz.


A city graced with beautiful rivers; boats, river trams are a far more efficient way for getting around. They provide an amazing alternate perspective of iconic architecture.

Boat - BeBi Travel

The Water Tram has adopted the use of solar panels making it energy efficient and green for the planet. A regular schedule every day from May to September. With boats directed on three routes from the quay at Rybi Rynek, close to the Old Town Square.

Mill Island is especially pretty from the water, and you’ll get a new perspective of other pieces of waterside architecture like the Opera Nova, Cathedral, the Granaries and the restored locks on the Bydgoszcz Canal.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Bydgoszcz is full of beautiful nature, and due to its naturally less toured paths, you can find an abundance of mother nature around many parks. Grab yourself a traditional pastry and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the foresty aesthetic that is Schody.

Travel Pass

There aren’t many travel pass options in the area, however with prices for a return fare beginning around 5 zloty, you can expect transport to not cost you more than £1.50 per trip. The water trams are seasonal and start on the 1st of May and end on the 16th of September.  They are a part of the public transportation service with 3 different routes.

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