Home to the Bremen Town Musicians, worlds of discovery, Hanseatic heritage and aerospace expertise – Bremen is a destination with a wide-ranging appeal. Find out more about the city’s traditional and unusual attractions, shopping, exhibitions, plays and musicals. An old city can still be young at heart!

What to See and Do

Bremen Town Hall

Town Hall - Bremen - BeBi Travel

Bremen’s town hall is regarded as the crown jewel of the historical market square. The Upper Hall, where the city council used to convene, is considered to be one of the most amazing ceremonial venues in Bremen. The 600-year-old structure can be explored with a guided tour, so you can immerse yourself in the immense history of Bremen.


Kunsthalle - Bremen - BeBi Travel

This astounding art museum displays works of European art throughout time. Paintings, sculptures, prints and media art from the past seven centuries. This museum is a stone’s throw away from the marketplace. This privately-owned museum is one of the most important and beautiful museums in Europe. With a diverse collection spanning seven centuries.

After a substantial expansion and renovation, the Kunsthalle Bremen is not only technically up to date, it also demonstrates a programmatic connection between past and present through architecture.

Universum Science Centre

Universum Science Centre - Bremen - BeBi Travel

The shiny science museum in Bremen. With over 250 exhibits, housed under its 40,000 stainless steel scales, resembles a mixture between a whale and mussel. Designed by the ever-talented Thomas Klumpp. The three subject areas Technology, Humans and Nature are waiting to be explored.

Typical Costs


With flights leaving the UK to Germany daily, you’ll be amazed to find that you can get yourself to Bremen for as little as £10. So, if you are looking for a quick day break, this could be an amazing destination for you. We are constantly amazed at the flights and deals we find. They often enable you to travel to another country for the same price as a night in a London hotel.


You can find a place to rest your head also for cheaper than you may have seen on adverts. Hostels provide you the environment for socialising and resting your head, with rooms starting around £23 per night, you can have a two-day break in Bremen for less than tickets to Merlin Entertainment’s London Eye.


With hotels being one of the most popular ways to ensure accommodation, it can always be expected to see rooms that cost more than the usual, especially at this time of year, as we near the summer holidays. You can find a lovely hotel to stay in for around £300 per week. This is inclusive of hotels starting from 3 to 5*.


My favourite option when it comes to looking for accommodation for the duration of my holiday. Airbnb is the perfect middle ground for those who wish to experience both the holiday and local life. With rooms and apartments being rented out for a similar price to that of one room in a hotel, you can get great deals, such as entire flats for as little as £40 per night.


Pretzel - Bremen - BeBi Travel

Bremen is well known for its marketplaces, and with various historical sites within walking distance, you are never too far from getting yourself the meal you want, without needing to throw away money guessing at the menu.


Germany is well known for its transport system. Bremen is no different. With the local transport network of the Greater Bremen area being run by VBN, and the trams and buses being run by BSAG, you can be sure to find your way around the town without too much hassle.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

Bremen has beautiful parks that display a large amount of nature. Buergerpark, according to TripAdvisor, is one of the best parks to visit in Bremen. The park is beautiful in all seasons and hasn’t been touched up to look like a model park. It has maintained a natural look, a sort of foresty area with walking paths, open pastures, where you may catch a glimpse of elk/deer and a large lake on which you can have a boat ride during the summer season.

Travel Pass

Explore the city of Bremen with a 1, 2 or 3-day ErlebnisCARD Bremen. The card allows full use of the public transport system for no extra charge, and gets discounts on city attractions, tours, and shows. You can choose whether you’d like a single day card or a three-day group card which saves 2-5 people on transport and gives discounts to museums and attractions.

Get Cooking

With markets providing you all the necessary options to make any meal of your choice, it is best to indulge in the local cuisine, and live like a local.

Train Booking

Train Booking - Bremen - BeBi Travel

If you are in Bremen right now, you can get your train tickets booked online at DBahn’s website. They provide you with the fleet information and timetables for you to plan your trips properly and with peace of mind.

If you are looking for a ticket, you can purchase yours online right now here.

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