Beziers is a town in Languedoc in southern France. It is a sub-prefecture of the Hérault department. Hérault is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4 March 1790. It was created from part of the former province of Languedoc.

What to See and Do

Cathedrale Saint-Nazare de Beziers

Cathedrale Saint-Nazare - Beziers - BeBi Travel

This impressive 13th Century Cathedral is situated atop a steep rock face. The building’s stunning exterior and centuries-old stained-glass windows are few of many features that make the climb to the cathedral worth it. Surrounded by picturesque gardens and breath-taking panoramic views of the French countryside, it is worth making a visit to this beautiful location during your stay in Beziers.

Musée des Beaux Arts

Musée des Beaux Arts - Beziers - BeBi Travel

Located in a 19th Century Mansion, The Musée des Beaux Arts was founded in 1989 to display an impressive collection of European paintings and sculptures that date back to the 15th century. You can find artwork from an international range of artists. There is also a personal collection of modern art that belonged to a reverend member of the French resistance during World War II, Jean Moulin.

The museum also hosts regular expositions and events, which would be worth checking out during your visit.

Address: 9 Rue du Capus, 34500 Béziers, France

Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday: 10am–12pm, 2–5pm

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Canal Du Midi

Canal Du Midi - Beziers - BeBi Travel

The Canal du Midi has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996. It runs from Sète to Toulouse so you can sail from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic: a great idea dating back to ancient times.

You can spend the day by the canal, whether you choose to travel on it by boat, or cycle beside it, there are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty this location offers.

Typical Costs


Take to this beautiful French city starting from £25 return. If you are feeling like an adventurer and wish to conquer France, you can start in Beziers and get a one-way flight from around £11. Making this getaway cheaper than 3 footlongs from Subway. Prices do vary quite drastically, so flexibility will be the best way to find the best dates. With a one-day difference your flights can range from £11 – 165.


The ultimate accommodation, and our top recommendation. You can find an Airbnb apartment for £20 per night. This provides you with a lot of value for money, rather than spending £30-40 per night in a hotel room, you can get yourself an apartment, villa or even entire flat for a similar price.


The pinnacle for accommodation when travelling, and one of your biggest expenses. You can find lovely 3* hotels starting from around £30 per night and ranges into the hundreds. Holiday homes are also available for you near the same cost of regular room in the hotel.


French cuisine has been talked about for centuries. Its introduction across major cities around the world you can enjoy some lovely French meals starting from €20 and ranging to 50+. With high class foods, local foodies, and fine dining with fine wine, you can really immerse yourself in food that takes your breath away, and hunger!


In Beziers the following 9 operators use the bus stops Beziers central station, Beziers – Montimaran or Beziers – Place du Générale de Gaulle: FlixBus, ibus and Eurolines Spain. The CheckMyBus search engine finds the bus that suits you perfectly.

Budget Tips

Free Parks

The French countryside is full of nature and exceptionally saturated in green. With beautiful sites to explore, vineyards to wander through and places to just relax and take in the clean air.

Get Cooking

With markets around the weekends, if you decide on a quick getaway to Beziers you can live like a local and purchase some groceries from the local markets. Sundays are always the best days for the markets and getting cooking. With a vast amount of choices you can make from pastry, to sausages to beautiful French Sunday roasts.

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