The famous city of Berlin, this city has seen near destruction during wars and prevalence as it stands today as the largest city in Germany. Memoirs of war are dotted around the city with the like of Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and many other fascinating sites and structures. Learn how you can enjoy a trip to Berlin for less than you might think.

What to See and Do

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin - BeBi Travel

Constructed between 1788 and 1791, Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining town gate of Berlin, Germany. It stands at the western end of the avenue Unter den Linden, it is one of Berlin’s most visited landmarks.  The gate is a symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity. The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments, with over two hundred years of history.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens - Berlin - BeBi Travel

In 1889, Adolf Engler began creating ‘the world in a garden’, now, you can enjoy his wonderful achievement. The Botanic Garden in Berlin has a collection of 20,000 plant species flowering on site, with 43 hectares of land for guests to stroll and explore.

In winter, visitors can take the Seasonal Trails to explore the a variety of plants from Africa, Australia, East Asia, the tropics and the Mediterranean basin. Berlin’s Botanic Garden is also home to a museum dedicated solely to botany, because of this, The Botanical Museum in Berlin is a unique museum to central Europe. The museum has been standing at it’s current location in Dahlem since 1907. The museum is home to permanent and special exhibitions showcasing botany as well as the art and cultural history of plants.

Entrance fee for adults is 6€.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall - Berlin - BeBi Travel

At the end of the Second World War, Germany was divided into four zones of occupation under the control of the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union. Eventually a concrete wall was built, encircling West Berlin and isolating it from the surrounding East German territory. The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 to divide East and West. The fall of the Berlin Wall was the first step towards German reunification and although it has long since been demolished there are still standing sections remaining and places where you can buy souvenirs.

Typical Costs


Searching for flights within a good price range can be a tedious task, even with the excitement of booking your next holiday. One site I use more than any other is Skyscanner, with a wide variety of great deals on flights, they suggest the cheapest month for you to travel and list the prices of each day’s flights, so you can compare prices. Using Skyscanner, I found return flights to Berlin for only £34, for a week stay.


Staying in a Hostel throughout the duration of your holiday is a great way to save some money on accommodation. You can secure yourself a private room for only £28 a night, or if you’re comfortable sharing a room with other travellers, you can stay in a dorm for only £12 per night.

There are a range of places online that you can use to search for hostels, I would recommend Hostelworld or You can filter your search to your requirements, based on price, type of room, amenities/facilities, rating and distance from city centre.


Airbnb offers you the chance to stay in an actual home during your visit. Search through a variety of options including private rooms, flats, studio apartments, cabins and more.

In Berlin, you can enjoy the comfort of a studio flat for only £40 a night, with a fully accessible kitchen just for yourself, a small workspace and living area. I prefer this method of accommodation as it gives you the extra space that a hotel room doesn’t provide, as well as the chance to cook your own meals and experiment with the local foods.


You can find great deals on hotel stays for your visit in Berlin, depending on where you look prices can vary dramatically. I use to browse through the accommodation offered throughout each city. You can filter your searches to what suits you.

For £43 a night, you can stay in a beautiful double room close to the city centre. With a private bathroom, work space and other amenities in the room, such as a flat screen TV, you are free to enjoy some time in the hotel room working or relaxing before setting out to explore the city. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi, a breakfast service and more.


Kebab - BeBi Travel

When eating out in Berlin, you should expect to pay between 10 and 40 euros for a meal. There are many restaurants spotted around the city including grills, kebab joints, pubs, fine dining and more.

A must have in Germany is their pizzas. Spending the same as you would in the UK at Pizza Hut you can get a pizza that is well in excess of 18″.


Berlin’s comprehensive public transport system is administered by BVG and consists of the U-Bahn (subway, underground), the S-Bahn (light rail), buses and trams. U-Bahn and S-Bahn are the most efficient methods of transport.

Berlin is also one of four cities in Germany that use Uber Transport.

Budget Tips

Free Parks


Tiergarten - Berlin - BeBi Travel

Tiergarten is the Central Park of Berlin, the forested grounds cover a massive 210 hectares. Tiergarten Park not only offers winding paths and open green spaces but is also home to many interesting memorials as well as cultural and political sights such as the Soviet war memorial and the Global Stone peace project. Further on into the park, you can find a range of monuments and exhibitions that make the park worth a visit.

In the heart of Tiergarten Park, the Siegessäule (Victory Column) with its golden statue is one of the city’s must-see sights – complete with panoramic views of the city.

Travel Pass

Berlin Welcome Card

Berlin Welcome Card - BeBi Travel

Unlimited travel on public transport either for zones AB (city centre) or zones ABC (city centre + surrounding areas including Schoenefeld Airport & Potsdam). Free travel for up to 3 children ages 6-14 on public transport with each adult cardholder. Up to 50% discount at approx. 200 major sights and TOP attractions.

Incl. practical city map and travel guide with lots of tips and savings examples. Fits perfectly in your pocket.

Get your Berlin Welcome Card here.

Get Cooking

One of the best ways to save money on your travels is by cooking yourself. You save much more money by visiting a local market and buying the fresh ingredients rather than going to a restaurant to pay for a prepared meal.


Arminiushalle - BeBi Travel

This expansive, covered market was built in 1891, as part of the same city initiative. Comprised of over 3,500 square meters of floor space, Arminiushalle sprawls over an entire building block.

You can find a range of fresh produce, meats and dairy products. As well as some stands dedicated to the sale of arts and crafts in addition to flowers, household décor and even cosmetics. Arminiushalle is open Monday through Saturday.

Address: Arminiusstraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin, Germany

Train Booking

If you have the time to travel around, you can get a train to Prague from Berlin for only £19. Giving you the chance to explore other countries for cheaper. There are a range of websites to browse for less expensive tickets.

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