One of the beautiful spa cities of Germany – Baden Baden. Relax and indulge in exquisite comfort. The town has been popular for a long time, with its classy, picturesque and well-maintained aesthetic. Sports fan have an entourage of choices of activities. From enjoying the nature on a golf course to horseback riding and even skiing in the winter.

What to See and Do

Mountain Merkur

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The Merkur Mountain was named after the roman god ‘Mercury’ during the roman reign. It stands at 668.3metres high, giving you an amazing scope of the city and its surroundings. It is known as the hausberg of Baden Baden. You can enjoy the journey without too much leg work with the funicular railway. Take in the sights in the steepest railway in Germany.

Museum Frieder Burda

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The 19th century is alive and well in Baden-Baden. Thanks to local collector Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden is also the place to find one of the 21st century’s most remarkable art institutions, the Museum Frieder Burda. Mr. Burda built the museum, which opened in October 2004, to house his highly regarded collection of modern and contemporary art and to host a broad range of exhibitions.

Geroldsauer Wasserfall

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Geroldsau Waterfall. The beautiful waterfall in the Black Forest. This landmark attracts the hearts of the famous, kings & queens, and your thrill seekers. The waterfall can be reached via many different routes. Take yourself and those with you up the small and easy hike. Take in the sights and enjoy the journey through an atmospheric stroll until the waterfall. Paths can become waterlogged during a tremendous downpour, but it adds to the excitement.

Roman Baths

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The Friedrichsbad Baths, located in Baden-Baden Germany, is an elegant bathing complex that originally opened in 1877 as one of the most modern bathing establishments in Europe. Originally catering to European aristocracy, this beautiful neo-Renaissance style bathing house is still open to all looking to soak in the curative mineral waters or just enjoy a quiet few hours of relaxation. Sitting upon the ruins of baths used by Roman generals, those who visit Friedrichsbad will follow a 17-step Irish-Roman bathing ritual that includes a sequence of hot air baths, steam rooms, showers, pools, and optional massages.

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Typical Costs


As of now, when booking flights 2 months in advance you can get yourself to Baden Baden for less than £30. Flights over this month have been varying between £14 – £26. To visit a place of luxury, and follow in the footsteps of aristocrats and monarchs, at such a low cost, is a steal. Perfect for those one-day getaways.


Hostels in Baden Baden cost between 15-28 GBP a night for a dorm bed. Private rooms start around 45 GBP for a double. For those traveling with a tent, there are only a couple of options for camping available outside the city and they tend to be further away. Expect to pay around 8-15 GBP for a basic plot. You can book your hostel with Hostelworld.


Budget hotels range between 50-90 GBP for a basic double room with a private bathroom. Most budget hotels are in the centre of town. Use as they consistently return the cheapest rates. If you prefer Airbnb, you can find shared accommodation for around 22 GBP per night and an entire home or apartment starting at 36 GBP per night. (It’s my preferred option.)


You can typically eat a meal (with a drink) at a sit-down restaurant with table service for between 14-20 GBP. Like the rest of Germany, Baden Baden has many cheap eats options. Street vendors (i.e. sausage stands) cost between 1-4 GBP, pre-made sandwiches average 5 GBP, and fast food will set you back around 7 GBP. Additionally, kebabs and Indian food can also be found at a good price for under 5 GBP. A week’s worth of basic groceries (fruits, veggies, pasta, chicken, eggs, etc) will cost around 40 GBP.


The tram is the best way to get around the city besides walking. You can purchase tickets on the tram or at the stations. A one-way ticket in a single zone will cost you 2.80 GBP, while

Budget Tips

Free Parks

A grand selection of natural beauty and elegant aesthetics, Baden Baden is home to a vast number of botanical gardens, free to enjoy and even have a picnic. A few places of recommendation are: Gonneranlage – a garden filled with the romantic setting of roses, white and red. The perfect place for a loving picnic. Rosenneuheitengarten, also known as the Garden of Roses, find yourself taken to a magical romantic backdrop, perfect for that unique dinner date.

Travel Pass

A one-day Cologne pass gives you free transportation and costs 9 GBP. The pass also includes discounts on certain attractions and restaurants. Cycling is another great way to see the city, and bike rentals begin around 9 GBP per day. If you’re coming from the airport, you can use the regular public transit. It will take around 15 minutes and only cost 2.80 GBP. For trips outside the city, intercity trains and buses are available to all the major cities in the country.

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