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We are BeBi Travel and we are for the people. In a world where information is accessible 24 hours of the day, it is very easy for a person to become overwhelmed with the vast amount of knowledge available. Here at BeBi we want to take the pain out of looking too hard and provide our readers with the right information to travel cheaper, smarter and greater.

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We are nomads, from all walks of life and have come together to show the world that it is very possible to travel the world, even on a student budget. We will be setting out on a quest to travel around the globe and visiting places for less than a Large Pizza!

Destinations Under £30

Travel to your next getaway in our list of destinations under £30. Some flights are currently available for less than £20!!

All-Inclusive Packages

Find an all-inclusive package that doesn’t break the bank, but still provides you that 5* vacation!

Luxury Villas

We teach our readers about Airbnb. Get yourself a Villa or an entire apartment for the same price as Hotel per night!!

World Trip

Are you planning on going a World Tour? Let us know where you’d like to visit and we can organise an Itinerary for you!!